Writing Introduction for a Dissertation

Introduction for a Dissertation
Any dissertation should be divided into the parts suitable for the topic and research methodology. In addition, there are several types of dissertations that require writing specific outlines. Regardless of what the type is, dissertation should contain an introduction. The post presents the most important and commonly used elements for this element. 

However, be sure to have a discussion with your coordinator about information to include in your work. Overview of the subject area and background to the problem are given in the introduction. The following work should be conducted.

Background for the research

  • Examination of the context for carrying out the study.
  • Provision of the reasons to prove importance of the topic.
  • Identification of main participants in the area of the topic.
  • Clear and easy to understand statement about the goals of the study which are to be addressed.
  • Assurance regarding connection between goals of the study and the methods which will be used in the dissertation.

Importance of the research

  • What are the goals of the dissertation? Is it supposed to examine specific areas of a theory? Does it provide necessary analysis?
  • Is the dissertation aims to conduct the research in order to fulfill demands of scientific institutions, business organizations, government agencies or some other establishments?

The way to organize a dissertation

Any writer of a dissertation should understand that people reading his work will definitely have some knowledge about the topic area. However, some specific methods of research and topic aspects might be unknown to them. So, it is required to explain necessary research components in the paper. For this reason the writer is not supposed to make implicit or complex assumptions and assume that writers will understand their essence. This can cause serious misunderstanding about the work and the point made by writer will be lost. The readers should follow and understand all interpretations and concepts made in the paper.

The final part of the introduction is not like the one for research papers. It should describe the chapter of the dissertation and the areas they will address. Besides, there also should be an explanation about relation of all chapters. This is basically a map of dissertation which leads reader throughout the elements. It also supposed to make the reader appreciate your work and the scope of research that you conducted.

The length of the dissertation introduction should not exceed 750 words. However, the minimum is 500 words. Keep in mind this requirement. You topic and research scope will determine the length of the introduction in most cases.