Worst College Application Essays

Worst College Application Essays
You have been anticipating going to college and starting the best years of your life for long time. Well, now when you reached this point, the only thing that stands between you and college is this so-called college application. There are many ways to be successful but you can fail as easily as you can succeed. 

We are giving you examples of the worst college application clichés. Keep in mind this information when writing you own application essay. 

Beginning with Quotes of Famous People 

Of course, it is possible that you are a big fan of Shakespeare works or Martin Luther King’s speeches really inspire you about doing things in your life. You can think that it is a great idea to include the words of famous people in your app essay. It is not such a great idea because the only person the admission board wants to hear from is you and no one else. 

It is a habit that was mastered in high school for English classes. The students are used start with universal phrases or quotes from famous people and it worked for them back then. Unfortunately, it is not going to work in this case because it is time to write your own mind. You have to be personal from the very first sentence of your work. 

Writing a Tragedy Essay 

Many application essays describe the topics of death and how the applicant dealt with it. Death is death and it has profound impact on the people. Describing such impact also seems like a good idea. However, it still does not mean that you should use it for your app essay. 

Most people write about their reaction to death, which seems to be very typical in majority of cases. That means that students describe what they have discovered about the life and death. For example, “I have learned that death is the part of life of everyone and we should not avoid talking about it'. As strange as it may sound, but statement like this is included in majority of app essays with such topics. If you have already chosen this topic, you may increase your chances by focusing more on personal feelings and motivations. 

Super Generalized Essay 

If you are applying to school or university it is recommended to get to know it a little bit. Many students submit applications essays where they say the reason for choosing the school was because it was “pretty' or “famous'. Don’t you think admission people already know that? They don’t want to hear the facts that are perfectly known to them. The only thing that such essay tells about the applicant is that he did not take the assignment seriously enough to dig into more details. Learn about everything that the university has to offer and try to mention it in your paper. It is not difficult to conduct such research at all. Just visit the website of the university or make up some free time to go there and see everything for yourself. 

Need Help? 

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