Why Essay Writing Is Difficult?

Why Essay Writing Is Difficult
Many students struggle with writing college essays. For example, some of them find it difficult to write about themselves and their personal experiences and others struggle with following outlines and so on. In other words, there are many aspects that proved to be difficult to many. Let’s review some of the problems that students face during writing essays in college. 


Some people find it difficult to write personal essays that require describing certain experiences in life. For many it can be embarrassing or awkward. Letting other people know about personal experience really is difficult because people have to be very careful in presenting the information. So this uncomfortable exercise can view the student as unskillful writer. In this case the students have to exercise their writing skills or ask for advice from experts. Developing confidence in writing is a crucial skill in education and career. Not having these skills poses a major challenge.


Maintaining objectivity throughout the essay is one of the most important requirements of most of college essays. A writer can be passionate about the subject too much or simply ignore the requirement. If the essay has subjectivity all over the text it presents the writer as ignorant of the rules. Such emotional signature can influence grades and decisions by professors and tutors. Being objective is associated with being professional and students are not reporters that can express their own thoughts on events. It is considerable more difficult to stay objective but maintaining appropriate tone and style will give much more benefits. 

Understanding of the audience 

It is obvious that someone will read and evaluate your essay. Whether your audience involves admission officers, professors, your fellow students of other people, different aspects should be used during writing. It is highly likely that you will address your audience in your work and try to connect with them to get them on his or her side. The students often miss underlying questions and content that is intended for persuading and informing. Beside this, graduates often don’t know the qualities of the schools they submit their app essays to and target their works poorly. 

Pressure from other students 

The student always knows the strengths and weaknesses of others. In this case his work might be worse than of the competitors’. This puts great pressure on the student. In addition, the other students may use professional help from online writing services. Such companies can deliver top-notch papers that are written according to all requirements by the university. It is probably wise to use them in case when your time is really limited or the subject is difficult. In such case you don’t have to risk your grade and your success. 

So as we see there are many factors that can influence the quality of your essays. The best way to go about your writing is to practice your skills and learn from experts. Well, writing skills can prove be useful not only in college life but during your career path.