Why Are Students Coming Into College Poorly Prepared to Write?

Students Coming Into College

One of the essential skills of students on every level of education is writing. The process of writing involves a bunch of various skills. All these skills have to be mastered completely and should include: 

- Analytical comprehension; 
- Reading comprehension; 
- Writing skills:  
o planning a writing strategy; 
o organizing ideas effectively; 
o effectively marshaling evidence and using sources appropriately 
o communicating ideas clearly and concisely; o constructing a reasoned, demonstrable argument; 
o writing mechanics: grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc. 

Writing Skills 

These skills represent writing from various aspects and lacking only one of the skills can be very unsatisfactory. For example, if a student does not have an ability to understand the main point of the text listening to it, he definitely cannot write a good response to the text. Reading and listening skills are very important components of writing. 

The problem of writing also has another educational aspect. During previous years in school the students are required mostly to support and offer opinions, which are relatively easy tasks if compared to that they are going to write in college. If they enter college or university, the papers they need to write are much more difficult. They will require not only personal opinion of the writer but selecting the best of works in the subject area, prioritizing discoveries and use others to prove own point. For example, they are required to propose a complex solution, criticize a point of view of another writer, discover a problem and offer ways for resolving. All these goals by students may be only achieved if supported by relevant works in the area. 

The Goals of Writing 

Furthermore, the students need to shape their writing to capture attention of other viewers and revise if necessary. As survey by the Chronicle of Higher Education showed, more than a half of students that enter college have never written a paper that is longer than five pages. This suggests that many students do not have necessary skill set because they do not understand the complexity of college writing. In order to build a reasonable argument, you have to use works of other scientists, results from studies and personal observations. Everything that is written should be supported. 

Habits to Unlearn 

Besides, students may have many bad habits that need to be un-learned in college. For example, some student may use awkward grammatical instructions because they were told to avoid first person writing in school by their teachers. It is fair to say that it is normal for a student to come to college and continue to improve his or her skills because college writing is a complex process that requires most of the knowledge and skills of young writers. So all mentioned aspects are the reasons why school students have poor writing skills. Be sure to improve your own abilities before you enter a college. It is an important stage in life so you need to be prepared as much as you can.