Who am I Essay

Who am I Essay
I am a very rich and influential man. Many people serve me. Let me describe one usual morning of my life. 

I wake up at 11 o’clock. One servant is combing my hair (he is a comber of my hair), while the other is giving my slippers (he is my assistant of carrying things). 

Besides these two servants, I also have a personal cook, pastry-cook, cleaner, laundress, caretaker and butler. 

It is a pity, but all these people are rather boring and gloomy. They are always troublesome, because they have to carry out my numerous orders. However, I need to have an amusing company. That’s why I have taken on a personal fool. He is forced to cheer me. 

If you think that I’m a character of the book devoted to the last centuries, you are not right. I live in our modern world, but it is all about me in my heart and soul. That is how I imagine my own person. 

However, there is another image of me in other people’s eyes. I’m an ordinary secretary in a small company. I get up early in the morning and run at work. 

I’m afraid of being late, as my boss is very hot-tempered and angry. He often makes mountains out of mole-hills. 

If I add more sugar in his tea than he likes, he will spit in the cup and won’t drink it. If I don’t sweep the floor, he will throw the broom at me. If I miss a call, he will threaten to kill me. 

What is more, it was a time when my boss was not satisfied with my look. He said that I was rather boring and gloomy. There was no denying the truth. I was always troublesome, because I had to carry out his numerous orders. 

However, my boss was in need of an amusing company. That’s why he loaded me with a new duty. In spite of the fact that I have already been his own cook, pastry-cook, cleaner, laundress, caretaker and butler, now I am also his personal fool in addition to all other my duties. I am forced to cheer my lovely boss. 

It was a day when I wanted to get my discharge, but my boss said to me, “I will find you everywhere'. 

At first, I felt myself as a bullying victim. So one day I turned for help of a psychologist, and he advised me to abstract of my problems. He instructed me, “If you can’t change the situation, change you own attitude to it'. 

I thought that I couldn’t vanish from the face of the earth, thus, I created my own imaginary world where I am a very rich and influential men. Every time when I do my duty, I fancy this situation in the other way round as if my boss served me. I am much kinder than my boss, so I imagine that many people serve me, but not one unfortunate man (who is my boss). 

Owing to my fertile imagination, I am not gloomy any more. That’s why each time when I help my boss on with his coat or serve the dinner for him, a great joy is written all over my face. At first, my boss was really astonished at so essential changes with my person, but he soon got used to my brightness in the eyes and happy, even slightly stupid smile. 

Now both I and my boss are satisfied with our relationship. From time to time he likes to repeat his favorite phrase: “I haven’t miscalculated when I made you be my personal fool!'