What is College Admission Essay


College admission essay (also known as application essay or personal statement) is an essay written by a person who applies to a college. It is an important part of college admission process. Certainly, grades and examination scores are the prevailing factors for the committee's decision but when choosing among equally competent students college admission essay can be the bottom line.

View the admission essay as your unique chance to reveal your best personal qualities, strengths and accomplishments. You should strongly demonstrate that you deserve being accepted to this particular college and that you can contribute to the college environment not only with your academic excellence but also with your personality and attitude to life.

Types of College Admission Essay

Every college is unique in its approach to personal statements. In general, all of them give you a prompt or a question to focus upon in your essay. These questions can be boiled down to three main types:

  • Tell us about yourself

Sure, it will be formulated in a more sophisticated way, like, "How can you contribute to the college environment apart from academics?", but basically they want to know about your personality, major interests and extracurricular activities. On the one hand, this essay type is advantageous for you, because you can show how nice you are but, on the other hand, its open-ended nature can lead you astray from your major goal. The most important here is to concentrate on one facet of your personality instead of telling something about everything.

  • Why have you chosen us?

The second essay type basically asks you to tell how you got interested in this particular college. This one is less abstract but you have to make sure you know everything about this college because a slightest mistake will reveal your lack of commitment. You should also avoid a common argumentative format for this essay: make up a story that dates back to your early childhood when you first visited this college and got fascinated, and you haven't stopped dreaming about this college ever since. It's equally important, however, to avoid outright flattery.

  • Creative question

Some colleges stand out with their non-standard essay questions and prompts. You may also be asked to write about any idea you find exciting. This tasks may be helpful for revealing the applicant's breadth of knowledge and imagination, but for most applicants this is a real torment, particularly if creativity has never been their virtue. Whatever you choose to expound on, don't consider this essay type as an excuse to be vague or obscure. You still have to demonstrate your ability to organize your thoughts logically, however creative they are.

You might Need Some Help

College admission essay is not easy to write because you are under the pressure of large responsibility. It is more reasonable to trust your essay to a professional with ample experience who can either write your essay from scratch or edit it for your better chances of success. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!