What Is An Expository Essay

Expository Essay

An expository essay is an essay type where you explain some information to the readers. Make a plan for writing an expository essay. 

1. Choosing A Topic 

The first step is choosing a topic for your expository essay. Think about the most interesting themes and problems for you. As you can guess, you have to be a master in your issue, as you write an expository essay. For example, if you are interested in folk studies, you may write an expository essay on the topic “What Are The Folk Text?'. 

2. Thinking About The Audience 

Thinking about the audience is a very important item, if you write an essay (especially, in the case if you write an expository essay. Suppose your potential readers are the doctors of philological sciences. In this case you shouldn’t start your expository essay with a definition of the folk texts like this: “Folk texts are oral and traditional texts'. 

Such a definition of the folk texts is appropriate for boys and girls in primary school. Instead of it, you may say: “The thought that the folk texts are only the texts of folk origin is wrong. The origin of the text is not so important for the folklorists; the main thing they pay attention is the transformation of the text. For example, if a song has a concrete author, but we know different variants (transformations) of this song, we may interpret it as a folk text…'. 

3. Reading The Literature Connected With Your Issue 

Even if you know how to make a good explanation of the subject of your essay, it will be useful for you to read some literature on your topic. Anyway, you will learn a lot of new and interesting information for you. 

You may compare some old and new (including recently published) textbooks, monographs, articles, etc. Try to make a conclusion how an understanding of the folk texts was changing during the certain period of time. You also can make a comparative analysis of the definition of the term “the folk texts' in different countries of the world. 

4. Writing An Expository Essay 

An expository essay usually has a structure like a five paragraph essay. This essay type has, as you can guess, five paragraphs: an introductory paragraph, the first body paragraph, the second body paragraph, the third body paragraph and a concluding paragraph. 

While writing an expository essay, remember the golden rule: you have to give your reader some new information, so avoid banal and general phrases. 

You may choose an interesting topic for your expository essay right now!