What Is An Essay: Basic Essay Types

Basic Essay

The essay is a short piece of writing composed with the expression of your point of view. It is a typical assignment that everyone faces at school, college, and university. 

Be sure that it will be given to you in the form of multiple tasks such as the writing of a response to the book, review of the film or restaurant, photography report, stories from your experience and many others. There are different classifications of the essay types and different approaches to studying of the writing art. Below you can see one of the classifications that are represented by the next types: 

  • Cause and effect 
  • Compare and contrast 
  • Descriptive 
  • Narrative 
  • Critical 
  • Persuasive 
  • Process 
  • Definition 
Cause and effect essay is about providing the reader with the information about the reasons and consequences of some event, action, phenomenon and so on. Compare and contrast papers deal with showing the similarities and differences between the objects. The descriptive paper is a "bookish" assignment as it is filled with stylistic devices and rich language with the main idea to characterize the object in the faintest details to let the reader become a direct observer, participant of the described situation. Here we talk about reader's emotional, physical and intellectual sensibilities. A narrative paper that is often organized chronologically uses such tools like flashbacks, flash forwards, and transitions. The main idea of the narration is to tell a story. A critical essay is an assignment that implies usage of different essential materials and adding your opinion to a logical conclusion. Process essay or how-to essay is a kind of the instruction that is given to the reader to explain how to carry out something. Definition paper deals with concrete and abstract terms and their meaning. 

What Is A Persuasive Essay Type 

A persuasive essay is one more type of the paper that has the primary intention to convince the audience in your correctness by multiple arguments with strong examples. A persuasive essay is characterized by the presence of the proved facts so that the reader (listener) believed you. If you do not know how to write a persuasive essay, have a look through our recommendations. 

Choose Persuasive Essay Topics If You Want To Make A Go Of Writing 

In this paragraph, we are going to say a few words concerning the issue of how to write a persuasive essay and how to plan your work process.
First thing, we would like to recommend you, is to select a topic that is convincing: not only by the way it sounds but by the way you are familiar with it. It is important not to be mistaken with your choice as the topic you select will affect the time you will devote to the paper writing, the profoundness of the information, the grammatical, stylistic and structural correctness. Preliminary preparation is required. No matter how gifted you are, my dear friend, it is essential to prepare enough information to filter it and use as a background for your paper. You can use all possible information sources: books, newspapers, magazines, academic works, internet publications, personal meetings, lectures, seminars, master classes, etc. Persuasive essay outline. Do not idle and make up a draft before the fair copy writing. Your draft should be a raw material for your fair copy: it is a structured writing that includes the constituent parts of an essay and fills them with the key words, phrases, and sentences. Fair copy composition is the concluding part of writing that implies extending of the raw copy and forming a whole text. Do not forget to check your paper for possible morphological, syntactic and punctuation mistakes. 

What Must Not Be Neglected During Writing 

Many people who do not have enough practical experience at writing task accomplishment will inevitably face the problem of the grammatical, structural and stylistic incompetence. Individuals who hate writing, do not have satisfactory results. If you want to prosper in it, you need to practice consistently and make yourself seem this "little hobby" become adorable for you. The next thing you should take into consideration is plagiarism: never resort to this semblance of labor. Be sure, one day it will stand you up by its uselessness. Nowadays, each second teacher has access to the plagiarism check-up programs that will reveal your cheat and make you defeat. If you use the source of the information, which you have chosen, rewrite it in your words to provide your text with total authenticity. If we talk about structure, your paper should be composed of at least three basic parts: 

  • introduction 
  • main body 
  • conclusion 

  1. An introduction is an insight into the paper that gives information about the issues that will be discussed in the following part. 
  2. The main body is a meat of your work where you are to describe these problems that consist of the persuasive arguments and accompanying examples. 
  3. A conclusion is the ending of your essay that not only sums up the mentioned information but also highlights the main idea of the written paper. 

The style of your writing depends totally on what task you intend to fulfill. Depending on the topic, instructor's requirements and the audience age category, be sure in the vast variety of styles that can be used. For instance, if you received an assignment connected with Grimm Brothers fairy tales, the style of your essay will be more bookish while the persuasive paper on the topic of the global warming will be neutral and formal. The grammatical correctness includes your competence at morphology (structure of words) and syntax (phrases, clauses, and sentences). Also, we can take into consideration the punctuation features. If you are the one who needs to carry out the writing assignment as quickly as possible or if you want to have persuasive essay samples, our online writing service has a reliable escape from the situation. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need it.