What is a Term Paper

What is a Term Paper

A term paper is a paper which is written over an academic term (as a rule, at the end of a semester). Writing a term paper may be an amusing occupation for you, if you take into account our simple recommendations. 

1. The First Tip. 

Be Creative in Choosing a Topic for Writing Your Term Paper 

As you surely know, your instructor has to give the list of possible term paper topics for you. However, it doesn’t mean that you have strictly adhere to these given themes. We recommend you to reformulate one of the topics according to your own interests. You also can compose your own topic for writing a term paper. 

2. The Second Tip. 

Don’t Postpone Writing a Term Paper on the Last Days 

Don’t flog a dead horse thinking that you will write your term paper few days later. Remember that your term paper will not be written by itself. The more earlier you start writing your term paper, the more earlier you will finish it. Start writing your term paper immediately after having read this article! 

3. The Third Tip. 

Don’t Forget to Visit Your Instructor from Time to Time 

If you don’t want to have unpleasant surprise after having written your term paper, visit your instructor once in a while. If you consult with your instructor every so often, you will kill two birds with one stone: 

  1. The first bird is that your instructor will remember your visits. As a result, he or she will have a forgiving attitude to your probable mistakes or lapses in the term paper. 
  2. The second bird is that your instructor may really help you with writing a term paper. As a result, you will have more qualitative term paper.

4. The Fourth Tip. 

Read as Many Scientific Sources as Possible 

You have to read as much scientific literature as possible, if you are going to write a good term paper. Remember that the more you read, the more ideas you will have. In any case, you have a chance to learn something new and useful. Don’t be lazy to read the qualitative scientific literature! 

5. The Fifth Tip. 

Try to Understand the Main Points of the Literature You Have Read 

Try to understand the main idea of the author. Point out the key words and phrases in your sources. You may also consult with your instructor and ask him / her to explain some difficult moments. Anyway, if you can’t understand the meaning of the statement for sure, under no circumstances are you to cite it in your term paper. Otherwise, you may look foolish, when somebody asks you to explain the meaning of this citation. 

6. The Sixth Tip. 

Try to Fill the Gaps of Other Scientific Inquiries 

If you have read enough scientific literature concerned with your term paper topic, we are sure that you are able to give an answer on the question “What are the lacunas in the scientific inquiries of this topic?' After having answered this question, it will be easy for you to concentrate at one point which is less researched. Try to create your own ways of problem solution. Don’t be modest to write original ideas, as it is your own term paper and your own thoughts. 

7. The Seventh Tip. 

Be Ready for the Critiques 

If you have written some unique or unusual ideas in your term paper, you have a great opportunity to be criticized by the conservative people. Be ready to prove your own point of view. 

P.S. Don’t be despair if something is wrong. The bad experience is also an experience.