What is a Profile Essay?

Profile Essay
Profile essay is one of the most interesting works in college. It can describe a person, a place, famous organization or memorable event. This essay tells the reader information about qualities and characteristics which are unique and factual. It makes the author to go to certain places to interview people and lot of “field work' is included. 
Let’s review the essence of profile essay and what should be done to achieve great results. 

Where to Get Information From? 

We all are familiar with how profiles are made. We have seen numerous examples of profiles on television and read about them in newspapers and magazines. However, these profiles were created based on researches of someone else. In order to write a profile essay, you need to conduct an original research about the subject. 

It is required to take the information from people by meeting with them. So you need to make an appointment with someone you have to interview, show up and ask the questions. Be sure you have your questions ready before the meeting because they will form your thesis statement, which you guess before creating the questions. 

Meeting with someone for an interview sound like a difficult task but it might be the most fun you will have. Look, if you need to write a research paper, you just sit in front of your computer or in library, taking notes and making observations. This assignment is different because you have a chance for a little bit of fun. You get to meet interesting people and at the same time you ask them questions like a real reporter. 

Helpful Tips On Profile Essay Writing 

It is recommended not to write about usual places like home, office or anything that you visit every day. It is boring for people to read about your colleagues and other things in the office. They probably experience the same kind of thing every day as well. Write about a place where they would want to go themselves. Or a person they would want to meet. 

You may also write about groups of people: musical band, group of students from another class. Do not try to write about your own class. In case when you are writing about a band, ask them what makes their music special and original. Or perhaps there is something interesting about how they get their inspiration. 

Profile essay may also describe non-profit organizations or community groups. Such establishments are pretty special because they help people. They probably have lots of interesting events, meetings for you to describe. Make an appointment with them and they will gladly meet you to sit and talk. 

A Concluding Note about Profile Essays 

In conclusion, there are numerous opportunities for writers of profile essays. Perhaps the most challenging thing for majority of students is to actually take a phone and make a call to someone to get an interview. So do not be afraid because you will have fun with this assignment for sure.