What Is A Narrative Essay

What Is A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a telling a story from your experience. Remember some events or challenges you have ever faced. Our life is full of many exciting moments, but we often don’t attach importance to them. So the first step of writing a narrative essay is brainstorming your own experience. 

1. Brainstorming Your Own Experience 

Suppose you have to write a narrative essay on the theme like “How I Spent My Summer Vacation'. At first glance, absolutely nothing unusual or phenomenal happened to you during these several weeks. Moreover, you may think with a great pity that you have been nowhere this summer. The whole holidays you and your sweet cat were sitting at home. 
Don’t despair! Even a common and non-remarkable event will be interesting to the reader, if it is written with a sense. Try to remember some bright emotions of your holidays. 

2. Distinguishing The Events To Be Described 

Suppose one day, your cat brought you a half-dead baby bird fallen out from the nest. You decided to save the baby bird. Narrate how you treated, fed and then placed it in the next. To make your essay more emotional, describe a helplessness of the baby bird in the brightest colours. 

3. Involving A Potential Reader In Your Narrative Essay 

Involving a potential reader in the writing process is a literature technique which undoubtedly attracts a reader’s attention. You may ask your imaginary reader the following questions: “Have you ever seen a baby bird fallen from its nest?', “Do you know how to look after a baby bird fallen from its nest?', “What and how should you feed a baby bird fallen from its nest?' and so on. You may also write “an answer' of your potential reader: “Of course, you have seen. Unfortunately, baby birds often fall out from their nests'. 

4. Composing The Romantic End To Your Narrative Essay 

It isn’t necessary, but it will be more interesting, if you write that two month later your grown baby bird sang your songs under the window. You may also mention that when you went out of the house, your bird squinted to you (you know, squinting the eyes means a smile in a bird language. Nobody can forbid you to use a hyperbole, as you interpret your own feelings and emotions connected with your own experience! 

5. Making A Didactic Conclusion Of The Story 

This paragraph is also not required. However, using the edification in your narrative essay demonstrates that you are able to make some logical deductions from your own story. You may write something like this: “The best reward is to see the good results of our human actions'. 
Try to follow our easy recommendations to write a narrative essay based on your own experience. You can do it!