What Is a Dissertation? Definition of Dissertation

A dissertation is probably the most important work in lives of students. Here is one definition of dissertation that shows the essence of the work: “a substantial paper that is typically based on original research and that gives evidence of the candidate’s mastery both of her own subject and of scholarly method.' 

Objective of Dissertation Writing 

It is the project that can earn you a doctoral degree because it is the final work for the masters. The students that want to earn such degree are required to conduct a thorough research on a specific topic that will be judged by professors. The dissertation project is intended to demonstrate extended research skills of the students and knowledge that has been obtained throughout the learning program. Not only the students are required to study the works of other scientists, but they need to contribute valuable observations related to their research area. 

Topic Choice and Length Requirements 

The good thing about the dissertation is that the topic can be selected by the students themselves. Of course the professors can give you tips on possible subjects but in the end the choice is completely made by the author. It is very important to choose the topic that is really interesting for you because otherwise you will have no enthusiasm and passion about writing. So the project might be a failure. 

Dissertation involves several features that differentiate it from other academic works. The first feature is the size of the work. The dissertation can consists of more than 60 pages but no more than 70. Other works make up to 15-20 pages and do not require such level of research. 

Avoiding Personal Thoughts 

Another thing that differentiates dissertation is that the author is not always required to include own thoughts about the topic. If essays and some other works are intended to develop own opinions of the writer, in this situation it is different. The writer of a dissertation should thoroughly examine the topic and give the readers several points of view on it from other scientists. So the alternative opinions come from other academic writers. 

Also the dissertation aims to make the point of view on the topic more advanced. The base from drawing conclusions is the literature that is reviewed in the work. It is not always means that the writer has to invent some new methods of resolving problems or propose new ideas. It means that the solutions that aim to advance the point of view are very practical and can be used not only by scientists but students and everyone involved in the area of the research. 

Final Note about Dissertation Writing 

In conclusion, the dissertation is a great way to take your researching and discussing methods to a new level that can give you a new position in the academic world. So be sure to spend enough time on this most important work of your life and use all possible and reliable resources that you could find on the Internet and library.