What is a Case Study

Case Study
A case study is a type of writing assignment that is used in many fields and not only during studying process. It covers legal labor, medical and social services, business development and so on. The primary purpose of the case study is to provide the audience with the detailed description of the problem, possible and more likely reasons for it and the ways of the solution. 

Here, you got it: the center of your work is a definite problem that is to be solved like a mathematical task – through the logical chain of actions. Usually, writing a case study report, we take into consideration the following pattern: problem description possible reasons for the problem plan for the problem solution the results Problem Solving Case Study Process: From Problem Representation To The Solution Ways Writing a case study paper, you need to pass the whole research process that comprises search, acceptance, and analysis of the information. You are to turn up your logical thinking as we have already discussed above that the process of writing includes purely logical steps to the problem solution. 

Besides, you should make your paper captivating. Thus, you complicate the "plot" of your work making it something peculiar to the detective stories. The quantity of pages devoted to your analysis is 1-3 pages in average, still, everything depends on the assignment details and instructor's requirements. Your work must start with a problem representation. It is an introduction of your paper where you explain the situation. Then, you come to giving possible causes that could provoke it. For example, the backer's shop is aground: the sales dropped suddenly without any global reasons. Here you need to carry out a deep research. You ask yourself: 

  • Were there any changes in the ingredients of the buns? 
  • Is the quality of the products the same as earlier: freshness, sanitary conditions accordance, doneness, smell, etc.
  • What about the personnel: appearance, attitude to the customers, culinary abilities, etc.
  • Surrounding. Has anything happened around recently? What the shop looks like?Is it a part of the whole shop center? 
  • General reasons. Did the prices for the products raise? 

Next, what you need to do is to gather information about the bakery: it is enough to look through the history of its establishment and sales. Trace its development, look through the testimonials – what people like and what they do not, what they say about the store concerning its work during the last few weeks. Visit the place if it is possible and if you have time: order something paying attention to the service and product quality. Start a dialog with the seller; sometimes they drop short of conversation – maybe through the multiple complaints about small salary and hard life, you will find out some interesting details. Find information about the location of the store: see the possible changes, events, phenomena within it. Do not forget about your personal experience during writing. Sometimes we do not notice things that we already went through, thus, be attentive as your knowledge can help you to solve the problem without resorting to the Google search. 

Do Not Be A Passer-By: Look Through Our Tips 

What is essential during writing is having a plan of your work. Above we discussed the structure of your paper. For you to know, structuring is not the first phase of your essay accomplishment. If you want to spend less time for such work, you should distribute the process into the following stages:

  • topic selection 
  • information gathering 
  • outline composition 
  • fair copy writing 
  • final check up for mistakes 
There are three ways how you can get your topic. The first one is a free choice allowed by your instructor: in this way, you select it yourself taking into consideration the acquaintance with the subject of writing and the urgency of the topic. Never choose the one that you hear for the first time in your life and never choose the one that is too wiped out. The next variant is the selection from the list of topics provided by your teacher: here everything depends on your luck and quickness. And the last and the least pleasant variant is a question individually prepared by your instructor: it does not allow you to select it yourself. Information gathering was partially discussed above: you can use all sources of information comprising your head. The outline of your work is a raw material for your fair copy. Its constituent parts should include key phrases and sentences that are developed into the whole text in your fair copy. After the fulfillment of your fair copy, come to the final check-up for possible grammatical and stylistic mistakes. 

What to Avoid During Writing 

If you want to write a perfect case study, take into consideration not only its structure and content but also grammar and style. Grammatical competence of your paper covers morphology and syntax. Morphology is about the proper word structure and its constituents (morphemes) while language deals with the word-phrase and sentence structural unique features. Pay attention to the issue of punctuation. Speaking about the style, we should differentiate two basic types: formal and informal. Your paper is to be carried out with the use of the formal style. The essay must not bear academic language, multiple stylistic devices, humor, slang and so on. Your sentences must be accurate and clear for understanding. All your text must show a sign of respect to the audience. One more thing that should be avoided during writing is plagiarism. Nowadays each second teacher has access to the plagiarism check-up programs, thus, be sure the results of your work will be just unproductive or not evaluated at all. If you liked something, you could rewrite the text in your words. If you want to use someone's quotation, make a reference to its author. 

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