Ways to Improve Persuasive Writing Skills in High School

Writing Skills in High School
The students in high school already have good persuasive writing skills. However, they mostly learn the basics of such type of writing and rely on them. Usually persuasive papers of high school students cannot hold the interest of the readers for necessary period of time and have other things that need to be improved. It is very important to master your persuasive writing skills in high school because sooner or later the students will have to practice them in college or university on a whole new level. The article presents tips for those that want to improve persuasive writing skills.

Strong Introduction

One of the most important elements of any persuasive essay is the opening. It must hook the reader's attention right away and make the reader want more about the topic. It is recommended to include the thesis statement of the essay in the end of opening two sentences. One technique suggests presenting unique information in the opening or asking provoking question.

Vivid Vocabulary

"Dry" paper cannot capture the attention of the readers. The choice of appropriate vocabulary and clarity of language will definitely score you some extra points. They can encourage the readers to stay with main point and pay attention. Let's assume that we are writing a paper which concerns the problem of pollution. Instead of using the word "garbage" it is recommended to use "rubbish". This verb is much more expressive and corresponds to academic writing style of using vocabulary. Always check your language for presence of conversational or less expressive words. Be specific when describing things in your essay as well. For example, instead of using "a pile of garbage" try "toxic heap of refuse". This help to write with more sophistication and better description of the elements of the topic.

Usage of Evidence

In persuasive essay only compelling evidence should be used. This way you can get better quality and create sophisticated thesis statement. There are many ways to get such evidence. Young writers could use their personal observations, go online or read print journals. For example, the statistics about big volumes of disposes that are being dumped into the seas and oceans of our planet can support your thesis about the need to preserve water resources all around the world. In other cases it would be a good idea to include some humor in the text in order to tell about personal experience.

Solid Reasoning

Often high school student due to lack of persuasive skills uses words like "every" and "all", which overgeneralize the information and might destroy the reasoning of the argument. Such words can only be used in cases when the idea is universal and can be applied to virtually every case. Also many high school students include stereotypes in their persuasive papers. For example, it is not always fair to assume that to be a good basketball player you need to be very tall and that all boys don"t enjoy watching romantic movies.