Types of Research Papers


What is a Research Paper? 

The key word of this notion is research, i.e. completing this document one is to process a big amount of sources on the topic and make appropriate conclusions. A research paper usually has a special structure and requirements to be followed. Before you start writing your research paper, it is important to define its type, since the contents of your work depends on it, first of all. Therefore below we offer you the characteristics and features of the most common types of research papers.

Argumentative Research Paper

This kind of document introduces two opposite points of view and argues for one of them. The thing is that the author shouldn’t be emotional while representing his opinion, all the arguments in the paper are to be relevant and referenced to reliable and credible sources. For example, the topic is « Is living together without marriage is immoral?». The writer may think that it is totally unacceptable, but still he has to provide pros and cons of each situation, i.e. getting married without living together and living together without getting married. After all the arguments for and against each side are introduced, the author expresses his point of view.

Analytical Research Paper

This research paper concerns collecting data from other researches and analyzing them. In other words, the author looks for factual information and findings of different documents on the topic, sums everything up and make his own conclusions. Analytical research paper  topics are usually aimed at the exploration of some issue. For example, «Qualities of a good driver». This document should be totally objective.

Compare and Contrast Research Paper

The main focus of this document is on the comparison of two elements in the same category. It can everything from cats and dogs (the category is pets) to democracy and authoritarianism (both are political regimes). Compare and  contrast research paper gives the full description of each element and then finds similar and different features of them. The example may be «The comparison of paternalistic and transactional leadership styles».

Cause and Effect Research Paper

This type of a research paper provides the reader with cause-effect relation. This document is often used in writing history and medicine papers, since these two fields require the reasons and results of events most of all. In cause and effect research paper one is to provide the chain of situations, i.e. the situation 1 has led to the situation 2 which in its turn has led to the situation 3. For instance, «The reasons for the stress and the results it may cause». 

Report Research Paper

This paper is aimed at giving the detailed description of a particular item. In other words, the author conducts a research, finds out as much facts about the object as possible and then organizes all of his findings in a report research paper. The topic can be «A presidential biography of George Bush».

Writing Guide

After the procedure of defining the type of your research paper is done, you are to choose the appropriate topic - the one which will be actual, manageable and interesting to both you and the readers of your document. Before you start writing make sure there is enough appropriate information for your research. Remember that your research paper is a little work of art, that is why you are free to make it the way you like. Of course, you also should follow the requirements concerning the outline and structure, but as for the rest try to be creative and original. Good luck in completing your research paper!