Original Topics for Argumentative Essays


The purpose of argumentative essay is to argue your viewpoint in the most consistent and convincing way. Let your readers know that your opinion is worth to be reckoned. Choose a subject that engenders contrary opinions and decide on your own clear position on this point. Begin with investigating the topic carefully, write down all the pertinent information that is not to be overlooked.

Pay attention to the opposite perspective as well in order to be able to refute it in due course. Brainstorm yourself for all the arguments that confirm your position. Outline and expand them with eloquent evidence and credible facts. Use only credible sources with up-to-date information.

Pick a Topic

Topics for argumentative essays can be drawn from any sphere of your life. The only condition is that it be something you are ready to argue tooth and nail.

Here are some ideas for good argument essay topics:

  • Every student has to be required to learn a foreign language.
  • Drunk driving laws have to be more rigorous.
  • Vegetarian lifestyle is dangerous.
  • Hunting is an ugly practice that should be outlawed.
  • Reverse discrimination hinders men from career promotion.
  • Driving tests should be held regularly for drivers.
  • Fraternities are an outdated practice.
  • Street racing has to be outlawed.
  • In the nearest future children will be schooled at home with computers.
  • Day trading at stock market has to be prohibited. 
  • Cost of college tuition cost is too high.
  • Standardized testing is too much relied on in student evaluation.
  • Our world is too commercialized.
  • Homeless people have to be sheltered by the government.
  • Beauty contests are humiliating for women.
  • Adoptees have to be told the truth about their descent.
  • Democracy is a wrong form of government.
  • Feminism has gone too far.
  • School dress codes should be cancelled.
  • Single parent adoption should be outlawed.
  • Immigration has to be restricted.
  • “Open space' offices are bad for employees’ performance. 
  • The government shouldn’t provide any financial aid to foreign countries.

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