Top 10 Psychology Research Paper Topics


Research papers on psychology are often written by students in education institutions. This subject is very broad so if you don’t have a specific assignment, there is a good probability you might be challenged. Psychology addresses many life problems and offers a range of solutions. Moreover, there are numerous experiments and a lot of literature to choose for writing. Sometimes selecting the great topic is the most difficult stage in writing a paper on any subject. You should begin by considering possible options, no matter if you received the topic from your professor or you were granted with free choice. If you selected the topic that interests you make sure you have necessary amount of available information for writing. Be careful because you can choose the topic that is too general. In this case you can be lost in finding necessary references. Use these most popular topics for inspiration for your psychology paper.

Emotional Health

Marriage & Divorce



Death & Dying

Race Relations


Learning & Memory



These top 10 psychology topics involve many subcategories. For example, the topic “Addictions' involves all aspects of addictions: drugs, nicotine, video games and so on. It is obvious that after looking on these topics it is not difficult to realize that psychology is highly diverse area that includes that many subjects. This set of selections makes it possible to choose a topic that could be truly interesting for you. So don’t rush to choose the topic because you don’t want to lose your interest or run out of resources in the middle of the work. 

The top 10 topics can provide you with ideas that are not directly connected to the theme. For example, if you want to find a topic from depression category, consider your options. Look for a famous scientist that conducted a lot of work in the area or some famous experiment that addressed the issue of depression. Also you can choose to criticize academic journal article or a book. Write a critical analysis on the work or review it. Literature review deals with examination and summarization of a research that is related to a theory or concept. 

Psychology scientists also define the most important questions about the subject. Let’s review them. 

How can working memory actually work for people?

How we can achieve more effective communication with others?

What is the best solution for resolving life problems?

How can people be more intelligent?

Self-actuation: what does it mean?

How our emotions are affected by body-mind connection?

Why do people dream?

Nurture or nature: what is more important in psychology?

These great questions address the most interesting aspects in modern psychology. Don’t be discouraged if you did not find your favorite areas among them. Dig in into the subject and find what is yours. Remember to be specific and logical when writing psychology papers in order to get a desired grade. Use these techniques and your psychology professor will be anticipating your papers.