Tips for Writing a College Essay

College Essay

Early start 

The more time you waste to avoid writing college essays, the more stress you will encounter. Stress is not a good friend because it can result in poor decisions. Your writing talent can be fully revealed only with necessary amount of time. 

Be yourself 

This is particularly important in case of personal essays. Many students often write about topics they think would be interesting to others. This is understandable but they should not forget to make their essays truly personal. Think of something that really interests you and then tailor your idea to your audience. Writing about something unrelated to the writer is one of the biggest mistakes by students which has been recognized by admission officers across the country. 

Be honest 

Do not turn to others for topics for your story. If something told by your friend captured your attention, it does not have to be your topic. Do not think to place yourself in the narrative, either. The story is personal and belongs to you. Adapting topics or stories from other people will not result well. 

Take a risk. 

On the other hand, taking some risk might contribute to your success. However, do not let your imagination run wild. This risk should be justified. For example, you can think of alternative topic for your college essay. Here’s how it’s done: you ask your peers about topics they going to write about and avoid using the same in your writing. Admission officers read tens of essays on the same topic every day. Can imagine how can it be for a person to read the same stuff all over again? Well, you got the point. 

Keep in focus 

Some students tend to describe all of their achievements in college essay. This means that personal qualities, athletic abilities, high school record, community service and many other things are described on one or two pages. Seems too much, right? Such essays are not more than a to-buy list. They won’t make any impression in admission committee. So what you have to do is focus on the topic you selected and stick with it. Think of several ideas that could be a topic for your college essay and select the best one. 


Do not expect that your first draft would a masterpiece. It won’t be. The reason is that you are supposed to give all your ideas related to the topic in your first draft and select the best information. Do not be afraid to take challenge: write slightly longer text and then exclude secondary content. Or just write an idea and then add your thoughts to build a strong argument. So do not be discouraged if you have to rewrite you draft more than once. 

Ask for second opinion 

You won’t be surprised if you hear than even bestselling writers let others to read their books before publishing. You should do the same. Regardless if you have any doubts about your content, be smart and ask somebody to read and give a feedback.