This I Believe Essay Writing Tips

Believe Essay

Tell a personal story. 

This I believe essay should reflect personal view of the writer. He or she should tell about personal beliefs regarding something and write about it. Consider including description of events that shaped your personal beliefs. In order to select a topic, an author should reflect upon personal experiences regarding family life, work, and friendship. 

Regardless of what experience is selected, the topic should describe something that only the writer believes in. Some requirements must be conformed to during writing this I believe essay. For example, the story should not be imaginative. You should tell about some experience that really happened in your life. Reality of the story is the starting point. You can add the elements to it and remember that such essay does not necessarily have to be heart-warming. 

Be brief. 

This I believe essays should have no more than 600 word. Whatever the limit is, do not go over it. It is bad idea in any written words because readers might lose interest or you show that you disregard the rules. No one wants that. The requirement is there for something so remember it from the early start. Three minutes are given to read this I believe essay so keep in mind this aspect as well. 

State your belief. 

Experienced writers say that if you cannot name you belief in one or two sentences, then you should abandon your idea writing about that topic. Your paper becomes a list of facts, not an essay that describes something you believe in. So to avoid that you should focus on the main belief and develop it, otherwise the readers will be confused about what you are trying to say. 

Be positive. 

One of the worst things you can do here is trying to preach your reader. No one likes to be preached. Remember, your task is to convey your belief to others. Avoid using words like “we' because this essay should be written in the first person only. You are not writing for a group of people, you are writing about yourself. 

Be personal.

The best technique to go about being personal is to show it in your writing style. Use phrases and words that you are comfortable with. It is a good idea to read your essay aloud foe a couple of times and see if there is something that might be changed. For example, if you used complex sentences, you could simplify them to sound more personal. 


The main thing that should drive you during writing this I believe essay is telling about experience that developed your personal belief about something. Let people know about your philosophy but do not try to persuade them to think the same way.