This I Believe Essay Example

 I Believe Essay Example

Below is a short example of This I believe essay. The writer expresses his ideas about treating people with respect, taking the example of being nice to certain individuals. 

Why I am always nice to the cable guy 

There are many philosophies that help to go about life. One of them is “be nice to a cable guy'. I personally live up to this philosophy. It is easy and good to follow the principles of the “being nice'. 

Principle 1: When you are being nice to the cable guy, you show your kindness and humility. 

WhenI see a cable guy in his rusted van rushing through the lane, I let him cut me off. He is rushing to the clients in their times of need so he requirestime just as much as I do. The guy goes to every client the company requires so he does not refuse if he is made to go to boring or arrogant ones. He is under so much stress every day. The people sometimes make fun of him by telling how dumb cable guys can be. They do not understand that he is just a guy doing his job by helping people. 

Principle 2: I honor honest work when I’m being nice to the cable guy. 

Looking at cable people makes me think about honoring honest work. Let’s face it, the guy never fired anybody and put families into difficult conditions. He never said anything bad to his clients because his life depends on them. He never brought companies to a bankruptcy so 10,000 people lost their jobs due to his decisions. He never bought a luxury house where he had expensive things all over. Instead, he probably lives in a house that looks like mine and has the things I have. 

Principle 3: Understanding of equality. 

You probably treat your boss with a lot of respect because he or she makes more money that you do. Moreover, your life and wellness sometimes depends on such people. But the only thing that you expect from a cable guy is the repair of your cable television set. So if I treat him with respect I show my understanding that all people are equal. I am equal regardless of the car I have or house that I own. Cable guy is just as equal as I am. 

Good tips always can make a day of cable guys. Being good to them makes me feel good about myself and what I do. In the end, they can make others happy too.