Term papers for sale – risks that should be noted

Term papers
The deadline is almost here but your paper is not completed. In this situation, many students turn to plan B and ask Google what to do. They ask to look for term papers for sale, to be exact. The results are endless, and you find a site that proposes exactly what you need. Moreover, it states that all the papers are plagiarism-free and be purchased at any time. The offer sounds really interesting given that you are tired and stressed because of your studies and lack of rest. The button "buy" is right there and looks pretty good. But you shouldn't press itjust yet. Why? Let’s discuss the main reasons why this is a bad idea. 


Most of the services that offer term papers for sale have large databases which contain all works that have been written over the years. The papers that you order may be just changed in some way. For example, similar papers are found in the database, and their content is mixed. Or the paper is changed by only a few sections. These facts show that the papers are often plagiarized and can't be 100 percent original.

Is it legal? 

Of course, it is. You won't go to jail or anything. The only code you are breaking is the code of honor of your university. Plagiarism is to be avoided at all cost in all educational establishments. There are two risks involved here. The first one is that you are giving your professor a paper that you did not write and the real author won't be given any credit. The second risk is that the works cited in the paper may not be properly referenced. But the biggest risk involved in submitting a plagiarized paper is that in case if you get caught, there will be some serious consequences. For example, the fact of plagiarism will go on the student record, and this will be met negatively by everyone. 

Lack of personal style 

Your professor has reviewed dozens of your works. He or she is more than familiar with your writing style, so there would be no problem recognizing that you're not the author. Some students may think that professors are not able to detect that. They are. Even if you have convinced your professor about the originality of your work, it still needs to be reviewed by the special software of the university. Then you won't be able to convince anyone. Remember about the software review as well. 

You can write better

Is it worth all the efforts to submit the paper that is worse that you can write by yourself? You think that all stress had passed when you resolved the problem with writing that annoying paper? You might be wrong here. The real stress will come when it would be clear that your paper is plagiarized, and you have less time until your deadline. There are other legitimate resources that can help you to write your assignment and your research. 

Need help? 

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