Term Paper Topics for College-Level Writings

Term Paper Topics for College-Level Writings
Need to write a term paper for college and need some ideas for the topic? Feel free to use these suggestions that we have prepared for you. 

But remember that you will get an A only if you research them properly and devote sufficient attention to planning your work! 


Should international adoption be encouraged? Why? Why not? 
Should right of the child be p otected more than the rights of the parents?
Are lesbians and gays appropriate parents for adopted children? 
Should some countries improve their adoption legislation? 
Do some types of adoption cause more concern than the others? 


Does alcohol have benefits for health? 
Should alcohol advertising be prohibited? 
What is the impact of high rate of alcohol consumption on a society? 
Should alcoholism be treated as illness? 
How we can stop illegal sales of alcohol? 


How the United States can contribute to the development of Africa? 
How can Africa be transformed into a wealthy continent? 
What were the problems created by apartheid in South Africa? 
Is famine common in Africa today? 
Do United States and Africa have enough economic ties?


Is China a threat to the United States? 
How U.S. foreign policy should be changed towards China? 
Does China have issues with defending human rights? 
Does China have a democracy? 
What can U.S. receive from good diplomatic partnership with China? 


Does death penalty deter from crime? 
Should the United States impose strict gun control laws? 
Should capital punishment be abolished? 
How the rate of violent crimes can be reduced? 
Should law enforcement officers be allowed more rights? 


How can pollution be stopped?
Is global warming caused by human activity? 
How the United States should improve environmental policies? 
How can the world turn to alternative sources of energy? 
Does nuclear energy have future? 


Are gangs involved in human trafficking? 
Why gangs are attractive to young people? 
Is being a member of gang is the only way for some to obtain a social status? 
How gang violence can be prevented? What influences the behavior of gang members?

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