Term Paper Topics

Term Paper Topics

The List of Possible Term Paper Topics 

Here you can see some general topics you may use to write your term paper. 

  1. Naturalists vs. Empiricists. 
  2. Aggressiveness of Little Children: What Can Be Done? 
  3. Our Ambitions: What Are the Pros and Cons of being an Ambitious Man? 
  4. A Truant to an Workaholic: Where is the Golden Mean? 
  5. Bullies and Their Victims: Who is more Guilty? 
  6. Homeless People: How can We Help Them? 
  7. Homeless Cats and Dogs: What Can We Do to Reduce Their Amount? 
  8. Rabid Dogs: Should It Be Allowed to Shoot Ill Animals? 
  9. The Problem of Poverty in the World: Should Rich Countries Give a Financial Aid to the Poor Countries? 
  10. The Problem of Immigration in the World: Should the Borders Be Closed or Open? 

Some Tips concerned Your Choosing a Term Paper Topic 

Here you can see the examples of reformulating the term paper topics according to your own interests. 

1. The First Way of Reformulating the Topic: from More General to More Particular 

(The Method of Deduction) 

Suppose you have to write a term paper on the comparative analysis of the naturalists’ and empiricists’ points of view. You may create several narrow topics on its base. 
Suppose your term paper topic is “The Comparative Analysis of the Naturalists’ and Empiricists’ Theories (or Nature vs. Nurture)'. 
First of all, brainstorm your own experience. To make a qualitative term paper, you have to write about those things which you are well familiar with. 

The Possible Variants of Narrowing the Topic 

  1. A Homosexual: to Be Born or to Become? 
  2. A Bully: to Be Born or to Become? (A Bullying Victim: to Be Born or to Become?) 
  3. A Murderer: to Be Born or to Become? 
  4. A Leader: Is It a Natural Gift or a Hard Labor and Ambitions? 
  5. A Happy Man: to Be Born or to Become? 
  6. A Student with High Academic Performance: Is It a Natural Gift or a Hard Labor and Ambitions? 
Choose one of the narrowed topics above, if you can give the examples from your own experience, the experience of your relatives, friends or old acquaintances, etc. You can also give the examples concerned with the chosen topic from world and national history, fiction literature, scientific inquiries and so on. 
If you can’t give the examples concerned with the topics we have prepared for you, try to narrow the topic by yourself. 

2. The Second Way of Reformulating the Topic: From More Particular to More General 

(The Method of Induction) 

If you have some themes which you know the best, you may use them as the examples in more general topics. 
Suppose you are an expert in fairy tales. Our congratulations! A folk text is one of the richest materials for the analysis of different types. 
For example, you know the fairy tale about two brothers (the rich one and the poor one). You may use this fairy tale as an example in the following general topics: 

2.1. The Problem of Poverty. This topic is good for a sociologist. If you are a sociologist, you can investigate the problem of poverty on the base of this folk tale. For example, you may say that the problem of poverty has existed from time immemorial. We can prove this fact with the content of the ancient folk texts, such as a Fairy Tale about Two Brothers… 

2.2. The Relationship between the Relatives. This topic is appropriate to a psychologist. If you are a psychologist, you can study the relationship between the relatives using the content of this folk text. For instance, you may try to answer on the questions “Why the Brothers May Be Enemies?', “What Is the Influence of Money on the Relationship between the Members of the family?' and so on. 

2.3. The Problems of the Inheritance Law. This topic is relevant for a lawyer. If you are a lawyer, you can analyze the importance of the testament on the base of the Fairy Tale about Two Brothers. For example, you may say that parents should write the testament, if they have more than one child. Otherwise, the lack of this important document may cause the problems… 

P.S. Be creative in choosing a topic for you term paper!