Term Paper Proposal

Term Paper Proposal

Have to write a term paper? 
The first thing you have to do is to write a term paper proposal. 
Even if your instructor doesn’t require a term paper proposal, we recommend you to write it. If you write a term paper proposal, you will kill two birds with one stone. 

  1. The first bird is that it will be easier to speak with your instructor for you, if you show your term paper proposal to him or her. As a result, your instructor will have a forgiving attitude to your probable lapses and mistakes in your term paper. 
  2. The second bird is that it will be easier to write a term paper for you, if you have a term paper proposal. As a result, you will spend not so a lot of time for writing a term paper. Here you can see several steps of writing a term paper proposal. 

Several Steps of Writing a Term Paper Proposal 

1. The Step Number One. Choosing a Topic for Your Term Paper. 

You may choose one of the topics for your term paper from the list of topics you have received from your instructor. 
If you want to be original, you may compose your own topic according to your interests. You may also reformulate (for example, to narrow or broaden) one of the given topics, if you have a strong desire to do it and if you know exactly what you will write about. 
Don’t forget that in any case you have to consult with your instructor about your term paper topic. 

2. The Step Number Two. 

Looking for Some Literature concerned with Your Topic. 

As soon as you have chosen the topic for your term paper, look for some scientific literature concerned with this topic. You don’t need to find a lot of literature (as you on the stage of writing a term paper proposal, but not a term paper). Select only several books or articles which are relevant to your theme. 

3. The Step Number Three. 

Looking through the Literature You Have Found. 

Now you have to run through these several books or articles you have selected. Try to pick out the main points of the texts you have looked through. Don’t waste too much time reading the literature (as you on the stage of writing a term paper proposal, but not a term paper). Remember that you do it for the purpose of creating your own ideas on the base of the sources you have looked through. 

4. The Step Number Four. 

Brainstorming Your Own Ideas. 

Now you are ready to brainstorm your own ideas. Don’t say that you have nothing to create. If you are sure that you have nothing to create, go back to the previous step. 

5. The Step Number Five.

Reformulating Your Topic. 

After that, you are able to reformulate your topic. We recommend you to narrow the topic to make your term paper more original. If you create your own topic which has not been a subject area of a special investigation, it will be more interesting to write for you and more amusing to read for your instructor. 

6. The Step Number Six. 

Writing a Term Paper Proposal. 

Now you can write your term paper proposal. Think about the following items: the relevance of the topic, the objectives of the research, the necessary tasks, the subject area, the specific topic, the hypothesis, the research methodology, advances in research, the practical value and a short description of the basic structure of the paper. 
P.S. After having written your term paper proposal, you are ready to show it to your instructor.