Software for Writing Your Dissertation

Software for Writing Your Dissertation

Using software to help with writing dissertation is a great way to keep up with the task and make the process easier. Here is the list of programs that can be used for these very purposes. Some of applications are free to use and some require little pay.


is a great application that lets you to organize information. It helps to keep track of information you found on the Internet, text files, excel files and own notes. For example, Evernote plugin can be added to web browser in order to save pages where you found information you need. Moreover, this application allows the user to synchronize taken notes across different platform and provides clear organization of contacts.


can be used to generate content included in long text documents. Additionally, it allows to better organize the content. Therefore, you can get a look at your dissertation from different perspectives. Scrivener is also able to manage draft of your dissertation.


is another interesting tool. Have you been in situations where you were completely distracted by the Internet? If you have, this app is for you. This app both for Windows and Mac is able to block the access to the Internet for time that you decide for yourself. It even turns off the email feature.


is a tool that helps to make mind mapping. The descriptions provided by X-mind are very detailed and clear. This might help you to establish connections between your ideas and conclusions. Make your work more productive with this tool. There are two versions of X-mind. One is provided for free. However, if you need the most sophisticated mind mapping, you can download professional version.


is another application that helps to concentrate on your research. It blocks access to things that can distract you during the process. The user can specify distracting aspects and at the same continue with online researching.

Write or Die

is perhaps the most extreme tool to keep you engaged in writing. It stimulates you to work by providing incentives and disincentives. For example, incentives are provided when the user keeps up with the work well. They may include music that was specified by the user. On the other hand, if the user does not accomplish necessary writing tasks, the application may use sound effects which may be distracting or even delete words or letters from the text.

750 Words

is a tool that sets corresponding goal for a day. This is an online application which keeps track of your writing process and encourages the user to write 750 words in one day. You need to go the application’s website and write your work there. Then you can transfer the writing to your computer. All privacy rights are protected so your work won’t be accessed by any other user, unless you let it of course.