Sociology Research Paper Topics


Sociology in Our Lives

Undoubtedly, sociology is not only an important sphere of science, it is also interesting and all-embracive. Thereby sociology includes such fields as demography, human ecology, community, social psychology, sociology of religion, political sociology, sociology of education and so on. In other words this study covers all the aspects of human behavior and interaction. The significant value of sociology is difficult to overestimate since we are constantly faced with it in our daily life.

How to Choose a Topic for Your Sociology Research Paper

As we already mentioned sociology contains a big variety of different spheres. To choose a topic for you research paper you should:

1)  Determine the most exciting field of sociology for you personally. The thing is that you will probably fail to complete an effective research paper without any interest in the explored issue.

2)  Find problematic questions in the selected area to be examined. You should think of some actual issues which may be interesting to the audience.

3)  Make sure there are enough credible sources on the topic. To complete a good research paper you are to include a lot of references to reliable sources in your work. That is why it is important to search for the literature before you start your writing.

30 Sociology Research Paper Topics

The Sociology of Family

1)  The effects of divorce on children.

2)  To what extent should parents influence a child’s behavior?

3)  Is cross-racial adoption good for children? What makes it different from the ordinary one?

4)  The effects of single parenting on children.

5)  The peculiarities of unconventional families. Is it possible to raise a healthy child in such a family?

The Sociology of Nationality and Race

1)  The aspects of interracial marriages. How did they change within time?

2)  The correlation between the race and the educational level.

3)  The characteristics of the most common racial stereotypes. Are they truthful?

4)  The features of a patriot.

5)  The level of patriotism in a particular country.

The Sociology of Social Media

1)  The popularity of various social networks among different age groups of people.

2)  The effects of social media on people: do they make people lonely and self-obsessed?

3)  The addiction of young people to social networks.

4)  The influence of romantic comedies on women.

5)  The amount of truth in the social media. Which sources can be trusted?

The Sociology of Gender

1)  The aspects of gender inequality at work. How should this problem be solved?

2)  The characteristics of gender stereotypes in media.

3)  How homosexuality is apprehended in different countries?

4)  Is anorexia a result of social media marketing? How to fight it?

5)  The differences in women’s rights in various countries.

The Sociology of Youth Culture

1)  The sex issue concerning people under 18. How should this problem be solved (if necessary)?

2)  The causes and effects of bullying.

3)  The aspects of self-destructive «Emo» culture.

4)  The impact of social media on young people. What messages do they get from it?

5)  The influence of heavy metal on teens.

The Sociology of Eating

1)  Is food education needed in modern society?

2)  The causes of child obesity. How to control this issue?

3)  The effects of technology on eating habits of people.

4)  Does being a vegetarian concern the eating aspects only?

5)  Does the tradition of family dinners still exist in modern society?

Don’t Stick to Sociology Itself

Here we offered you only several fields of sociology, since it is impossible to embrace the whole science in one article. If you have any difficulties with choosing the topic for your sociology research paper, you can also consider your hobbies and interests. For example, you like football. Then you simply need to apply it to sociology. Thus you topic may be «Violence in football and its impact on the society». Just be creative!