Sample Outline in a MLA Paper

Sample Outline
The following is the sample outline for a MLA format paper. It uses common standard format of presenting information, which begins with the thesis statement and ends with the conclusion and recommendations for further research. Remember that the outline should be written in complete sentences and use clear language so it would be easy to use. 

MLA standard can be difficult to understand by many students but with clear instructions and examples it can be learned easily. Begin by formatting you text editor: doubling the space and centering your outline title.

The thesis statement:

Usage of the cell phones should not be prohibited or restricted as the benefits still outweigh the risks involved in talking and driving. Instead, more effort should be put towards education of society about the risks of using cell phones in moving vehicles. Moreover, the police should be able only to prosecute talking drivers under laws on negligent driving.

An outline

1. The police and scientists did not provide sufficient evidence that shows relation between road accidents and usage of cell phone while driving.

  • A. The research conducted by Johnson and Briscoe did not produce conclusive results, as the scientists themselves admitted.
  • B. The majority of states do not keep records of road accidents which are caused by usage of cell phone.
  • C. New research on talking and driving, conducted by Parish and McHale, proposed results which so far cannot be considered as conclusive.
2. The benefits and risks of talking and driving should be compared scientifically.

  • A. Researchers from the Duke Risk Analysis Center have found that risks involved in driving and calling were very small compared with other driving risks.
  • B. Using cell phone while driving may result in personal and business benefits.
3. Police should provide educational programs and knowledge on responsible use of cell phones while driving and make sure reckless and negligent driving laws are enforced.

  • A. Education programs may be beneficial.
  • B. At this time it is possible for police to enforce laws on reckless and negligent driving.
After you have finished and approved your outline, begin writing the main content of the paper by using the elements you have specified in your outline. You will feel that it is much easier to write when you have a clear plan. In the final version the outline will be contained first and the text after the outline.