Sample Compare and Contrast Essay

 Compare and Contrast Essay


During 1980’s the National Basketball Association was struggling to get the word out. The TV ranks were low and broadcasting companies were not willing to sign deals. News about players using drugs was pretty common. 

These factors indicated that fans’ interest may be waiting. Only truly great and inspirational people who were more than just players could save the professional game. In late 1970’s the Boston Celtics drafted Larry Bird, a man which was so shy that hardly spoke on the signing conference. At the same time in the West, Los Angeles Lakers signed Ervin Johnson, a man whose communicational skills were known as very special. Both players were to win big and save the league through shooting and passing skills that no one has ever seen. 


Earvin Johnson’s desire to win titles was powered by his great athletic skills. He became one of the most important figures in Los Angeles as soon as he arrived. Everybody knew his man because he could talk and have a great conversation with everybody. Besides this, he hated rivalries and even made friends with players from other teams. On the other hand, Larry Bird’s teammates were having trouble finding something to talk with him at all. The only conversations they could had were about the game and strategies to win. Larry played with punishing style of the game and sometimes even had fights with opponent players right on the court. 

But when basketball games started, Larry and Earvin saw them differently than the others. They both had strong desire to win more. When it came to the best passing skills, the experts mentioned only Bird and Johnson. Only they could make almost all kinds of possible passes in the book. Besides, they were leading scorers for their teams and met several times in final games of the league. Both of them had won over each other. Bird was able to reach out to the hearts of basketball fans of the East that supported the Celtics every game. Similarly, a lot of fans on the West were rooting for the Lakers and Earvin Johnson. This incredible passion and love for the game was seen by millions involved in the industry. The league began to rejuvenate itself and by 1985 it was flourishing due to lucrative contracts with television companies. 


In conclusion, Bird and Johnson were two completely different people in life, with unmatchable characters and views. However, they served the same purpose and were the best in the game because they knew how to play at the highest level possible. Their legacy will live forever in hearts of people that watched and admired their skills. In the end, their incredible abilities to play saved the professional league in the United States.