Revision Guide for a Classification Essay


The post uses the following questions to help you to revise a classification essay. Ask yourself these questions after you completed your work to ensure you covered all necessary elements.

1.  Did you clearly describe the group you classified in your classification paper? Is your topic easy to understand?

2.  Does your introduction have the “hook' that help to engage readers and create interest for reading further?

3.  Have you included topic sentences as first sentences of paragraphs in the body? Do these sentences describe the approach used?

4.  Does your paper have enough supporting evidence? Is your evidence specific enough for the topic?

5.  Are there clear identifications of differences between the approaches you used in your classification paper?

6.  Does your paper have a logical flow of presenting information in the body?

7.  Is your classification paper focused on your topic? Is there some irrelevant information which needs to be excluded?

8.  Did you use clear transitions between the paragraphs of the body?

9.  Did you underline the importance of your classification and provided recommendations about usage of particular approach?

10.  Does your classification essay correspond to the requirements given by your professor in terms of style and length?

11.  Could some elements be improved? For example, sentence structure, usage of language and punctuation?

12.  Are the words used in your work precise and easy to understand for readers? Did you essay use consistent tone?

13.  Have you spent some time for proofreading? Did you read it out loud?

14.  Did you use the help of your friends on providing the second opinion on your work? Did they provide you with advices?

15.  Did you use the proper formatting style? Did you ask your professor about what style should be used?