Research paper on childhood obesity

childhood obesity
Childhood obesity occurs when a kid’s body gains excess body fat that eventually will cause an adverse impact on health. Children become obese when their weight nearly 20% more than what they should weight at a certain age. This health problem has become rampant in many countries because it affects more and more people. In most cases kids become obese because of the society, for example, lack of activities and healthy eating habits, hereditary factors and hormonal issues in the body. 


Children might become obese when the members of their families are overweight, but one should know that not all children become obese because of genetic factors. Current generation children lack physical activities. We are lazy because of the TV and Internet. Unhealthy eating habits in the family can also increase the risk of childhood obesity. Since these patterns encourage the ingestion of fast foods that are not healthy. It is a fact that hormonal problems will also cause obesity although routine test has to be carried out to determine this cause. Childhood obesity also occurs because of the hormonal problem but a routine test can check it. Obesity in childhood can lead to health problems in the future because it is harder to lose weight with time. Obesity provokes such diseases as diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. 

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