Interesting Research Essay Topics


Students often rack their brains over what topic it is better to choose for their paper. We hope that our recommendations will be useful to make this process easier for you.

Although you are free to pick any topic, you'd better stay within your interest area. This way you will captivate the attention of your readers more effectively, for they are certain to feel your passion about the subject. Don't aim at a complicated economic issue if you don't know a thing about it just with the intention of impressing your teacher. It will be time-consuming and exhausting, and still you will be unlikely to achieve high results.

Conform to the time frame you are given: don't choose a topic that requires extensive research if your deadline is in a few days.  Also try to stay off the beaten track avoiding the most overdone research topics and trying to come up with some surprising evidence.

Look through the research topics ideas we've prepared for you. They are divided into such groups as Society and Politics, Environment, and Economics. These are the timeliest hotly debated issues where still much is left to say. Mind that society-related topics are the safest and the easiest to research, but at the same time they are extremely popular, so make sure your teacher doesn't object to your picking a particular topic in this sphere. Economics and Environment topics are more specialized and call for laborious investigation.   

 Society and Politics

  • Can the humanity live without wars?
  • Is advertising a form of human manipulation?
  • How to prevent cyber crimes?
  • Is affirmative action effective?
  • Are we really interested in finding a cure to AIDS?
  • Gender roles in modern society
  • Obesity problems in the USA
  • How to beat cultural stereotypes?
  • The stressed society: are we constantly under pressure?
  • Bullying at school: is it possible to eradicate it?
  • What to do with street gangs?
  • Should smoking be prohibited completely?
  • The place of religion in modern society 
  • Contemporary art: how to evaluate it?
  • What drives the rocketing divorce rate?
  • Feminism is over: should women stop fighting for their rights?
  • Healthcare should be a fundamental human right
  • The threat of genetically engineered food
  • Electronic shopping: will all the shops go online?
  • Is humanity getting more stupid over time?
  • Is freedom of speech merely an illusion?
  • Homosexuality: can we really stay neutral?
  • Are grades the best form of motivation at school?
  • Anonymity in the Internet as a source of evil


  • When will animal rights be protected?
  • Alternative energy sources: more talking then action 
  • Is it possible to save our ecology?
  • Are artificial fertilizers poisonous?
  • Should we stop producing plastic bags?
  • Garbage disposal an urgent problem
  • Prediction of natural disasters
  • Environment volunteering should be mandatory 


  • Government bailout to large banks: is it right?
  • Up to the neck in loans: when will the next credit bubble pop?
  • The future of capitalism
  • Consumerist society: should it be a norm?
  • Is it reasonable to invest in agriculture?
  • The efficiency of e-marketing
  • External debt of the USA
  • Islamic banking as an interesting economic phenomenon
  • Economic cycles forecasting
  • Investing in the economies of developing countries: pros and cons

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