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Gun Control Research Paper

Nowadays the issue of gun control has become an increasingly popular topic for discussion. Every time a national tragedy with involving a weapon violence occurs, the question on what to do about gun control arises. 

To create a perfect argumentative gun control essay, you will need to keep in mind several things to make sure everything goes right. First thing, ask questions. Second, research. Finally, write your essay. 

There are plenty of techniques and tips about how to write your essay. The most important thing you’ll need to do is take a side on the argument so you state your opinion regarding the problem very clearly. In the case, you were assigned a side to defend you need to construct your points to support that front and provide live examples for it. Don’t forget to ask and answer questions, because asking questions about gun control allows for you to narrow down the topic and focus on main ideas and it is also much easier to work. 

You can try to ask following questions: 

  1. What was originally meant by “right to bear arms”? And how people treat that idea nowadays? 
  2. What is the statistics on violence? 
  3. What other countries allow gun control? Is the gun violence rate high there? 
  4. What are the main for and against arguments? 
  5. Does mental health play the main role in gun control? 
  6. How can a citizen get a gun? Is it a complicated or an easy procedure? 
  7. Which guns are okay for a citizen to have? 
You can use these questions to conduct better research and build up your argumentation. It is important for controversial topics to narrow them down to a particular point. You also need to expose your thoughts and ideas on gun control debate and explain your position. 
Research is critical when you are doing a paper on gun control. You need to investigate everything to strengthen your argument and supporting it with examples. 

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