Psychology Research Paper Topics


Psychological questions may vary from easy to complicated ones, from general to specific ones, from interesting to confusing ones. The only common thing no matter which topic you will choose for your research paper - is its value. Since psychology is a really important science which makes people’s lives better, there’s no denying the fact that the research on any psychological issue will be helpful and highly appreciated. That is why it is necessary to approach this question seriously and carefully.

1.  First, think of the most thrilling and interesting sphere in psychology for you personally.

2.  Then consider which issues in the chosen field are disputable and controversial.

3.  After that check if there any sources on the topic so that you are able to conduct a research.

If all the three points are matching, congratulations! You have managed to select the ideal topic for your research paper! In case if you have difficulties in it, you may turn to our list of psychology research paper topics.

40 Psychology Research Paper Topics

1) The role of environment in the forming of a personality.

2) The main strengths of Freud’s psychoanalytical theories.

3) The causes and results of anxiety.

4) The psychological value of laughter.

5) The features and examples of the valid psychological tests.

6) Why some particular people are attractive to others?

7) The role of endorphins in people’s lives.

8) The harmful influence of Internet on our psychological health?

9) The role of Maslow’s theory of self-actualization in psychology.

10) The causes and therapy of autism.

11) The useful effects of a pet therapy.

12) The process of forming/uprooting a habit.

13) The psychological methods of marketing: how successful companies make us buy their products?

14) The reasons of teenage suicide.

15) Are there any connections between creativity and intelligence?

16) The role of television in people’s obesity.

17) What psychological aspects induce people to become terrorists?

18) The psychological problems of homeless people.

19) The causes and therapy of anorexia.

20) The origins and peculiarities of phobias: how they appear and how to get rid of them.

21) Do one’s dreams reflect his psychological issues or they are just senseless videos our consciousness generates?

22) The psychological consequences of divorce on children. Is it better for child’s health to see his parents living unhappily in marriage or to survive their divorce?

23) The reasons for adults’ shyness.

24) The pros and cons of using the hypnosis in clinical purposes.

25) How do people become sociopaths?

26) Which people are not able to live happily in a long-lasting marriage?

27) The psychological influence of TV and Internet violence on children.

28) The psychological portrait of a serial killer.

29) The difference between the psychologist and the psychotherapist.

30) How to cure eating disorders? Why do they appear?

31) The influence of the violent music on a child’s consciousness.

32) The impact of in-store music on the choice and decision of a customer.

33) The reasons and results of a stress.

34) Why some people are perfect persuaders: the psychology of persuading someone.

35) The roots of an addiction: is it a genetic issue or an environmental one?

36) The psychological aspects of becoming a homophobe.

37) The relation between race and intelligence.

38) The reasons and therapy of schizophrenia.

39) How the childhood trauma influences the personality and his or her future?

40) How the socioeconomic status of a person influences his level of happiness and satisfaction with life?

Be Resourceful

The topic of your research paper may be equally good if you take it from our list or just make it up on your own. So if you don’t like any of the suggested topics, just don’t be afraid to introduce some fresh ideas and complete a surprisingly new research paper!