Some Ideas for Psychology Paper Topics


While writing an effective psychology paper the choice of a suitable topic is of critical importance. Scientific journals and psychological websites can offer you an unlimited range of subjects but don’t make haste. If you choose something that does not really lie in the field of your interest, you are likely to regret it later, while forcing yourself to make an in-depth research of a subject you feel so uncomfortable with. Hence, we would recommend you to select a topic that is right up your alley. The point is that you should be familiar with recent academic developments in this field not to reiterate some well-known or even outdated facts. 

However, even if you pick such an overdone topic as  "How to Cope with Stress?", you still have chances of making the paper brilliant by referring to unexpected discoveries and the newest physiological evidence! So don’t get frustrated if subjects that you are interested in seem a bit too simple: science is constantly on the move and with some effort you can sure find something you can strike your audience with!

We are going to suggest you a list of psychology topics for paper within the most popular realms of psychology:

Abnormal Psychology

  • Is a new classification of personality disorders needed?
  • Medical treatment of depression
  • New methods of phobia treatment
  • Statistics of eating disorders
  • Schizophrenia myths debunked
  • Exploring the causes of autism
  • Efficiency of occupational therapy for personal disorders
  • Peculiarities of autism caregiving
  • Application of art therapy for anxiety
  • Prevention of psychosomatic disorders
  • Improving the autistic rating scale
  • Difference between neurosis and neuroticism
  • New insights into addiction treatment
  • Overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder

Developmental Psychology

  • Music and prenatal development
  • Exploring language acquisition
  • How to cope with jealousy among siblings?
  • Coping with reading disability
  • The most effective developing games
  • Excessive shyness: how dangerous is it?
  • Parents and environment: who impacts children more?
  • Teen age with no problems: is it possible?

Cognitive Psychology

  • Cognition and language generation
  • Is it possible to measure intelligence objectively?
  • Representational systems of human mind
  • What causes nightmares?
  • Enhancing concentration span
  • Efficiency rating of mnemonics techniques
  • Olfactory perception and memory: how are they related?
  • Physiological basis of creativity
  • How to improve problem-solving skills?
  • Mapping heuristic processes
  • How are associations triggered?

Cognitive psychology topics appeal to many students but be prepared to find very little clarity about these subjects. Instead, you’ll have to deal with diverse approaches that might even contradict one another. 

Within the field of social psychology you could research such unbounded topics as social perception, attitudes and prejudices, hierarchy relations, leadership tactics, business communication, persuasion techniques, gestures and mimics, psychology of attraction and love. 

We know it is a hard choice, given so many opportunities, but try to narrow down your interests and start hunting for groundbreaking discoveries and cutting-edge developments in this area.

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