Profile Essay Outline

Profile Essay Outline
Profile essay is one of the most interesting written works. Not only you get to write an interesting content but at the same time you get to meet a person, go to an organization and describe the uniqueness about them. So, it is possible to forget about sitting in classroom and go out. The following is an example of a profile essay which includes all important elements and provides reader with an insight of the topic.

Rhetorical purpose

This is the first paragraph of a profile essay where the author describes his or her objective. For example, you can write that you want readers to understand some point about life of the person or something special about group of people and so on. The purpose should reveal something new and show that it involves much more than the one would think.


Here the author starts to explainthe conditions where the person works or lives. At the same time, it is needed to develop a story and provide information that people should know before they get to the interview questions.

Details from interview notes

During the interview, you ask a person a list of questions that aim to get information. You need to provide a logical order of the questions and include your notes. Here is an example of a detail.
She is so tired by the end of the class but goes home satisfied because she loves working with kids, which is the purpose of her life.

Do not describe your notes like this:
On my question "what is the purpose of your life?" she answered "it is what I do: working with kids". 

Your notes should be a narrative, not a list of answers. You do not want your text to look like it was written by a robot. This is a story of life of a person and it should be presented correspondingly. Include information that is interesting. This means you should not spend time describing parents of a person or something like that. Even average qualities of a person might be described in a great way.

For example:
She looks like an average person, but she does tremendous job with kids which could not have been done by anyone else previously. She can manage the class the way a very few people can do. Be sure to include personal aspirations and dreams of the person. It is always interesting to read about this because it really shows the real personality.


You should close your interview with reclaiming your main idea. In our case it is the difficulty of working with kids, which may seem like an easy task for majority of people. Tell about what you adore about that person. That's it; your profile essay is done.