Profile Essay Example


Rhetorical purpose

I want my readers to understand a life of a scientist that makes his own way to his goal. Making your point to people that don not believe you is a difficult thing to do.


I will begin by describing how the brilliant plan to go to another planet was turned down by people that could easily make it possible.

List of Details from the Interview Notes

“No, Mr. Zurbin, we cannot justify you thinking. You plan is great for our country and the world but at this point we cannot guarantee any help for you'. These words sounded terrible to him.

He made a plan that would get humans to Mars in 5 years. Many years were spent to create a great plan, scientifically verified and possible to achieve with the help of NASA.

As more and more people come to him to ask about his thoughts on the Red Planet, Mr. Zubrin gladly accepts their invitations.

A great scientist with PhD in Physics and AeroSpace technologies is trying to continue his research and convince the government to hear people that support the idea.

He enjoys what he does. He became a scientist very early and dedicated his life to exploring the ways our civilization could reach new planet and establish colonies there.

He has so many followers, that several companies and scientific groups were created to help with the research about the Red planet.

He wrote several books about his work which became bestsellers among people that are interested in space exploration.

The government at some point offered funds for his plan. However, they stopped funding because of unknown reasons.

He thinks humanity has to turn Mars into the second Earth and dreams about the day it will become possible.

He feels every scientist should be “passionate about what they do'. Otherwise, the work will have no purpose.


I want to end with the same thoughts I had in the beginning: even though people turn your backs on you, you should continue to work and someday your goal will be a reality. Especially when your goal is so special.