Problems That Students Have With Essay Writing

Problems That Students Have With Essay Writing
Writing simple essay can be challenging. Numerous problems arise if your professor found parts that should be revised. Or even worse: plagiarism has been detected in your work. To make long story short, the process of writing is a road where false starts and unwanted revisions are usual situation. 

There are so many elements that should be followed; thus, the same amount of problems can emerge for writers. The common issues that students have with writing their college essays are presented in the article.

Right Start

The first problem a writer can run into is right start. This means pre-writing the work and identifying the main points. Professors often argue that students do not have their essays structured beforehand. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to brainstorm about the work before getting to actual writing. The author should pre-write the thoughts he has on the subject and structure them appropriately. It is recommended to write down all ideas, even the ones that are less likely to be included. This is done because they can point to other ideas that can be useful. When combined, all this material can create an excellent structure for future essay.

Writing Thesis Statement

The main point of the essay which is included in the end of the first or the second paragraph is called a thesis statement. In case if the essay does not have this element, structuring and organizing the ideas is difficult because there is no element that defines this. So it is recommended to create a thesis statement before writing the body of your essay. Perfect thesis is clear, declarative and conveys the idea the way that the writer wants.

Citing Sources

Academic writing involves citing the sources that writers use in their papers. If a student does not make a decision to cite his or her sources, this can easily result in plagiarism. Even not citing one source can be considered as violation. Citing can be difficult if a student does not have necessary knowledge on the art of citing or simply ignores them. Every year students submit hundreds of thousands papers that have citing issues. Make sure you do not belong to such statistics.

Fear to Fail

Because academic writing can be difficult, many students struggle to cope with lack of confidence about their abilities to write as necessary. Perhaps some of them have negative experiences or they are reluctant to express own thoughts. Other students just fear that they won’t be able to follow all requirements and formatting. Writing professionals claim that college students should never think that their drafts are perfect, they should not be. Another technique to cope with the fear to fail is to have a conversation with instructor or professor. They are there for encouragement and most likely they will be a constant source of advices and tips for writing. Learning from professionals will not only give you knowledge but confidence and ability to give pointers to others.