Problem Solution Essay Topics

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5 Topics about Children, Parents and Family Life for a Problem Solution Essay 

  1. What can be done about little boys who are too noisy or even aggressive? 
  2. What is the best way for parents to make their children be busy about the house? 
  3. What can parents of large families do if their son and daughters are not friends with each other? 
  4. How can we reduce the amount of divorces? 
  5. What can be done if a child doesn’t want to live with his / her stepmother or stepfather? 
  6. What can parents do if their children spend their pocket money on useless things? 

5 Topics about Education, Work and Career for a Problem Solution Essay 

  1. How can we reduce the amount of skipping lessons in school? 
  2. What can be done for students from needy families? 
  3. What is the best way to be satisfied with your job? 
  4. How can you earn more money if you are not a workaholic? 
  5. How can you abstract yourself from the work during your vacation? 
Suppose you have chosen the first topic about children, parents and family life under the title “What Can be Done about Little Boys who are Too Noisy or Even Aggressive?' for your problem solution essay. Here you can see some ideas about solution of this problem. 

The first solution. Reading kind stories for little children can partially solve the problem with a preschool aggressive boy. If a child is of school age, he can also read some classic literature for adults. 
You may write in your essay that all the parents should discuss the favorite characters of famous authors’ books with their kids. It is great to make a comparative analysis of the protagonists (the main characters who usually have positive traits) and antagonists (as a rule, these characters are negative). Parents should stress that the protagonists are more attractive and their positive traits make them happy and satisfied with their life conditions, while the antagonists are usually unlucky. The important thing is to select the most relevant literature! 
Telling folk texts (such as fairy tales, legends or folk narratives) is a very effective method to solve the problem of aggressiveness. These stories teach to think about the problems of other people and find the ways to help them. 

The second solution. Toys and games for little girls may be useful for little boys. For example, you may say that playing with baby dolls can teach boys to take care of little children. Thus, these boys will be more thoughtful and tender. 
Many games with a jump rope are usually associated with little girls’ occupation, but they are also may be appropriate to little boys. While a child is jumping, he has to recite some familiar jump rope verses. Thus, this boy will be more attentive and calm. 

The third solution. It may be a situation where the kind stories for little children, classic literature for adults and even folk texts don’t solve the problem. A boy may also refuse to play with toys for little girls (and this situation is obvious, as a little boy is very aggressive). 
Mention in your essay that in this case parents should buy a pet for their son. Everybody knows, it takes a lot of time, patience and solicitude to take care of puppies, kittens, homemade rats or hamsters. 

The fourth solution. There is also a high possibility that a boy will not play with a pet. In the case if a child is very aggressive, he may also mock at his puppy or kitten. Emphasize in your essay that under any circumstances parents mustn’t allow their son to torment the unhappy animal! 

P.S. If nothing helps, the parents of a little aggressive boy should turn for help of a psychologist. Anyhow, the aid of a professional will be useful. 
Add your own ideas about solution of this problem!