Problem Solution Essay

A problem solution essay is one of the most interesting essay types. If you choose a real problem you have ever encountered, you will certainly describe it with a feeling. If you write a problem solution essay with a sense, the reader of your text will notice it. Undoubtedly, you will have a high mark, if your teacher detects your genuine interest to the theme! 

However, don’t forget that a problem solution essay has its structure. You have to comply with the requirements of this genre. To write a problem solution essay, you first need to make a plan. 

1. Choosing The Theme And Identifying The Problem 

Think about your everyday problems. What things really irritate or even infuriate you? Don’t know? Well, if you are so optimistic and satisfied with everything, remember the problems of your friends and relatives. 
Suppose your grandmother is always complaining about noisy neighbours’ children. These joyful kids like to run and jump in the flat (which is on the higher floor), so she can’t read the newspaper in the evening. 
Thus, our problem is noisy neighbours’ children on the higher floor. 

2. Explaining The Significance Of This Problem 

At first glance, this problem is not so global, but don’t underestimate it. Noisy children disturb your dear grandmother. As a result, she is angry all the time. Her constant nagging irritates you. May be, you don’t grumble, but your face doesn’t look very happy because of this situation. Of course, your friends and colleagues notice it and this fact is not pleasant for them too. 
Put the end to the problem! 

3. Analyzing The Reasons Of The Problem 

The reasons of our problem are clear and obvious. All the children grow and develop. Uncertainly, they need to move a lot, as they have too much energy. It would be cruel and inhuman to forbid the children running or jumping. Physical punishment of frisky children is out of the question. 

4. Writing About The Solutions Of The Problem 

One of the best solutions of the problem is enrolling the children in sports. Understandable, you can’t do it without their parents. You have to discuss this problem with the neighbours. Be prepare to the worst situation where they refuse your request. Remember that a failed attempt is better than nothing. You can also speak with other neighbours about it. A society often has a stronger influence than one man. Anyway, discussing the problems greatly facilitates our life. 
Choose the problem for your problem solution essay right now. You will get involved in the writing process.