Presentation Help: Speech and PowerPoint

Presentation Help: Speech and PowerPoint

Key elements of any successful PowerPoint presentation include many visual and textual points. In order to make a presentation successful, you need to combine the text and graphics the way it would be understandable and interesting to the audience. We all have been to a boring PowerPoint presentation at least once and know how it is just to sit and wait until the presenter gets to the last slide. So to avoid such situation, we have collected some useful tips in this post to help you get the most out of your PowerPoint presentation. 


First and foremost, let’s talk about speech. The presenter should have a paper that should be a guideline for the time of speaking. However, don’t think that you should read everything from it and stare on it the entire time. You might be afraid of the audience or something but this is not the case. We are here to make the presentation great. So prepare a paper and include only the most important information there. The paper should be two-three pages. Going over this limit means more text so this can be confusing to the presenter about what to read and when. Make the information strictly to the main point of the report and stick to it. 

Make sections which apply to every slide of the presentation so you know what to talk about when new slide comes up. The sections should consist of several sentences which convey the main point of the slide. For example, if you made a slide changing climate in Africa, you can include information about the climate 50 years ago and now and make a comparison. Table or other graphic elements are the way to go here. 

Visual content 

Visual element is as important as the text you are going to use. The amount of slides of your presentation should not exceed 10 because the larger it is, the quicker you’ll have to go through them. In this case you won’t be able to convey all information because it is highly likely your time for speaking will be limited. So to make the most out of your visual content, make sure it tells the audience exactly what it needs. Know your audience and know what they require from you and your work. 

Place the information that will be relevant to the viewers to keep them interested. Use as much graphics as you can. PowerPoint has some really good tools for slides so make sure you go through them and select the ones that are appropriate for you. However, do not let your design run wild otherwise the presentation might look unprofessional and childish. Use only few colors throughout the work and only one or two fonts. The most used fonts are Times New Roman and Verdana. Make sure your text is clearly seen and readable from every corner of the classroom. This can be done by applying appropriate colors to the text. The best option is combination of black and white but you can use any dark and light shades and colors.