PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Student

Tips for Student

It requires some practice and knowledge to make great classroom presentations. The post presents tips that you can use for your skills arsenal to take a challenge of college PowerPoint presentation. 

Get to know your topic 

Your professor assigned you a topic and you immediately go to your computer and start thinking how to make a design for your text boxes and text. Don’t be in such a hurry! You have to know your topic very well to proceed to creating slides in PowerPoint. Instead of starting PowerPoint, launch your browser and find information regarding your topic. You have to know what you will be including in you presentation so look for necessary information. You will get to create the slide show later. It is more important to find what to use before actually using it. 

Keywords about the topic 

Most topics for PowerPoint contain keywords. These elements are used by good presenters at a constant basis. It is recommended to use only the relevant information that would be interesting to your viewer. Also the presenter should narrow the selected topic and retrieve only several elements to discuss in the presentation. The audience does not need to know everything about the topic, only relevant and important points. For example, if you are making presentation about WWII, you don’t need to tell everything from the beginning to the end. Examine how it was started, how it affected your country and what outcomes can be learned for the future. 

Remove that text 

Don’t worry! You won’t have to use only pictures and tables (although it is also a good idea). Many college students failed their presentations because they had too much text on their slides. For example, they included their entire speech or big parts of it. The essence of PowerPoint presentation suggests that it should support your text and not be a mirror of it. Make sure you don’t have paragraphs of text in your presentation and use more bullets. 

Limit the number of slides 

When a presenter has too much slides it is highly likely that he will try to rush through them because there is a lot of information to give in limited timeframe. Moreover, your audience might be pretty much confused about the whole process of examining the subject because of quick presentation. 

Avoid childish presentation 

The most widely used fonts in professional presentations are Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana. Don’t be discouraged if your favorite font is not included in this list. Save it to use for other time because using some fonts can make your presentation look childish or unprofessional. It is also recommended not to use more than two fonts in one presentation because it can ruin the consistency of the style. Use one font for headings and the second on for other text. The text should be large enough for viewers to see them. Good presenters often use 18 and 24 pt for the text size to make it readable.