PowerPoint Presentation Ideas for College Assignments

PowerPoint Presentation Ideas for College Assignments
Many students are required to make PowerPoint presentations during the course of their studies. Composing great visual work can score some important points so it is important to learn the skills of effective presenting. The first issue that you have to deal with is the selection of a good topic. 

The post was created to help you and give you some ideas for this work. We hope this post will help you to boost your academic results. Let's get to it.

General Topics

  • Online Education
  • Academic Freedom
  • Application of new technologies in education
  • Influence of global warming
  • Importance of human resources
  • The stress in college
  • Ways to improve college campus
  • How I would change my teacher
  • Reversing the effects of aging
  • Professors and their role in college
  • If I was a teacher
  • Global Technology
  • The role of economic growth
  • Ways to improve foreign policy
  • Reasons not to use drugs
  • Putting Prophylactic
  • Devices in Colleges

Abstract Ideas

  • When we can go to Mars?
  • The reasons why people will never describe death
  • How the world could have avoided wars
  • Is it necessary to start human colonization of space?
  • How can we prevent WWIII?
  • Will The World Ever End?
  • How can politicians use social media to help their communities?
  • Should we try to contact extraterrestrial civilizations?
  • Would I be willing to go to space?
  • Do Ghosts Really Exist?

Modern Issues in the World

  • Why we should avoid censorship?
  • The ways to help Africa with fresh water
  • Overpopulation
  • How can the world battle global warming?
  • How can Antarctica be lost?
  • Global health
  • International fight with terrorism
  • Ways to unite against terrorism
  • What can be used after the oil ends?
  • Green energy
  • Alternative options to create energy
  • Green education

New Technologies

  • Android vs iOS
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Nuclear vs solar energy
  • Security in the global network
  • Ways to use mobile applications
  • Tablets vs traditional computers
  • Role of laptops
  • Using iPhone as more than a phone
  • Apple vs Microsoft
  • Technologies of the future
  • The history of mobile phone
  • Usage of new technologies in medicine
  • How can new technologies help to improve environment
  • Human Cloning
  • Animal experiments