Great Persuasive Topics for Speech


To impress the audience with your persuasive speech and make them side with you, first of all, you need to make sure that the topic you choose is timely and engaging. Think of a subject that concerns all of us and calls for urgent actions to be taken.

Choose What You Like Best

Apart from that, your topic must be something that you are passionate about. If you don't feel confident about your own stance the audience will sense it immediately. So, if you are keen on different gadgets, go to argue how technology has changed our lives to the better and or how it will in the future; if you are an environmentalist, then there is nothing easier, with such urgent topics as global warming, tree felling and recycling  being available for you.

Although you must be aware of all the pros and cons of your thesis, remember to align your speech with just one side and only touch upon opposing arguments to crash them completely.

Need Inspiration?

We've made up a list of good topics for persuasive speeches to get you started:

  1. Recycling is a useless measure in the present-day ecology
  2. Drunk driving should be punished more severely
  3. Fast food is not so dangerous as we are told
  4. Marijuana should be legalized
  5. Video games are harmful for children
  6. Digital tools will soon replace people at workplace
  7. Home schooling is the best alternative to traditional schools
  8. Globalisation has favorable impact upon developing countries
  9. Genetic engineering has a large scientific potential
  10. Working flexible hours boosts the performance
  11. Violent sports should be banned
  12. Intellectual property should be protected more rigorously
  13. Blood donating has to be mandatory for all eligible people
  14. Curfews for teenagers should be introduced
  15. Plastic surgery should be illegal
  16. Pesticides should be prohibited
  17. Learning foreign languages is useless
  18. Keeping animals in captivity is cruel
  19. It's impossible to live on the minimum wage
  20. The Third World War is inevitable
  21. Mobile phones should be forbidden to use at school
  22. Single parents should not be allowed to adopt orphans
  23. Labour camps are the best alternative to prisons
  24. There are too many immigrants in the USA
  25. Glass ceiling for women is still present at modern workplace
  26. Our political system is fundamentally wrong
  27. Friendship has lost its value for us
  28. Our economy is too dependent on large banks
  29. The government spends too much money on space exploration
  30. IQ tests do not reflect the human intelligence objectively

If you choose something from this list, keep in mind that you can take the opposite stance in case you have a different opinion.

Ready to Start?

A good and appealing topic accounts for half of your success. Bu the other half lies with the arguments you provide: make sure that you find fresh examples and credible scientific evidence to flesh your speech out.

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