Persuasive Research Paper Topics


Not surprisingly, persuasive research papers are aimed at convincing people of the author’s point of view. But what is more complicated about this type of work, is that your arguments are not enough - you have to complete an effective research before writing to provide your thoughts with reliable evidence so that the audience see the trustworthiness and validity of your cases. Introducing your arguments accompanied by real and actual facts you have all chances to persuade the audience of your point of view. Such a result may be useless and unneededif you are convincing people that bicycles are good. But if you have chosen the right topic with a deep sense and controversial opinions on the matter, wouldn’t it be exciting for you to persuade people of your rightness?

Therefore, we logically and sequentially have come to the next point of our article.

How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Persuasive Research Paper?

It is of a great importance to remember the following tips on the process of selecting the best topic for your research paper:

1)  Do not choose issues of personal tastes. For instance, «Dogs are better than cats», «Rap is the only music with sense».

2)  Do not choose the topics with the support from one part only. It can be «Drugs do not cause addictions» or «Murders aimed at revenge should be justified».

3)  Do not take widely explored topics, since you may fail to provide new arguments discussing them. Examples may include «The bad influence of smoking on people».

We hope that you have carefully examined the above mentioned tips and now have a bright vision of your future topic. In case if you still doubt, here is a list of possible persuasive research paper topics for you.

30 Persuasive Research Paper Topic Examples

1)  Parents shouldn’t become their children’s friends. The subordination is to exist in families.

2)  Women have to work unless they have children.

3)  Good relationship is impossible without conflicts.

4)  Apple would have been a successful company even without Steve Jobs.

5)  The love of Romeo and Juliet wasn’t real. Two teenagers were simply swallowed up by the passion dictated by hormones.

6)  George Orwell’s 1984 can be a reality.

7)  Homeschooling makes the studying process limited and dull.

8)  Placebo effect should be used to cure cancer.

9)  The innovations will lead people to degradation since they will not have to do anything.

10)  Sharing too much information in social networks can be really dangerous.

11)  Cash should be transformed in another form in order to save forests.

12)  The success of a sportsman does not depend on its coach.

13)  There is no such a person in the world that has not a single addiction.

14)  Black and white photos will never become obsolete.

15)  Leaving together without getting married is harmful for relationship.

16)  Modern doctors do not care about your health at all.

17)  Kids should eat as much as they want - no more.

18)  Donation is sincere and real only if the person who gives money is not rich as well.

19)  Religion causes more arguments and quarrels than peace.

20)  Parents should live their own lives, not their children’s.

21)  All children upwards 18 years old should live separately from their parents.

22)  Mind to mind community will exist in 20-30 years.

23)  All music in the world should be totally free.

24)  The amount of the universal languages of the world should decrease to 2: Spanish and English.

25)  Country life is healthier than the city one.

26)  Homeless people should be given special accommodation facilities.

27)  Single sex colleges are not useful for a child’s development.

28)  Horse transportation will be a way out of a high pollution today.

29)  Immigration is not a harmful process for economies of the world.

30)  Birth control is a cruel policy which is to be removed.

Be confident writing your persuasive research paper and the results will be impressive! Good luck!