Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics About School 

  1. Should parents help their sons and daughters with doing homework? 
  2. Should teachers discuss school problems of teenagers with their parents? 
  3. Should it be a performance appraisal rating system in every school? 
  4. Parents mustn’t punish their children for bad marks at school. 
  5. Teachers mustn’t punish their students for their bad behavior at school. 
  6. Should a school punishment be allowed? 
  7. Parents have to be punished for their children low academic performance. 
  8. Teachers have to be punished for their students low academic performance. 
  9. Should students with a high academic performance and students with a low academic performance study separately? 
  10. Should boys and girls go to different schools? 
  11. Every school should have its own study program. 
  12. A school study program for first graders should be easier. 

Persuasive Essay Topics About University 

  1. Should it be a performance appraisal rating system in every university? 
  2. Students have to pay a fine for skipping the lectures. 
  3. The university administration must be responsible for further job placements for students. 
  4. Should it be a uniform for each specialty? 
  5. Should it be any benefits for students from needy families? 
  6. Should it be a punishment for truants and quitters? 
  7. Should it be any monetary rewards for active students? 
  8. Should it be a reward system for those who study better? 
  9. The university education should be free for every person. 
  10. The amount of universities should be higher. 
  11. Every person should be able to have a higher education regardless of intellectual level. 
  12. All the people should study during the whole life. 

Persuasive Essay Topics About Your Work 

  1. Every teenager should start working in the age of 16. 
  2. Every man and every woman should retire in the age of 70. 
  3. A job in the open air should be high paying. 
  4. Truant and quitters should be immediately dismissed. 
  5. Mother of many children should have an individual schedule. 
  6. Father of many children should have a higher salary than others. 
  7. A single mother shouldn’t be dismissed. 
  8. Immediate family member shouldn’t work for the same company.
  9. People with higher education should be at more responsible position than others. 
  10. People with two (or more) diplomas of higher education should have more official duties than others. 
  11. Every man should work for one company during the whole life. 
  12. Should you think about problems at work during your vacation? 

Persuasive Essay Topics About Your Holidays And Hobbies 

  1. Every person should have an active rest. 
  2. Everyone should have at least two month vacation. 
  3. All the schoolboys and schoolgirls should spend their summer holidays in the camps for children. 
  4. All the people should spend their vacations at the sea. 
  5. Every person should spend several weeks travelling around the world at least once in his / her life. 
  6. Should it be a club for the whole family in every town? 
  7. All the parents should spend their vacations only with their children. 
  8. Every person should have more than one hobby. 
  9. Every person should go to the gym. 
  10. Your hobby should be not only pleasant, but also very useful for you. 
  11. All the families should have dog or cat pets. 
  12. A husband and his wife should have a good rest separately from each other at least once a year.