Persuasive Essay Outline

Persuasive Essay Outline
One of the most important steps in making a persuasive paper is creating an outline. It has to be made the way your argument will be the strongest. In order to achieve that, persuasive essay should use convincing evidence. Let’s review the most common outline for persuasive essay in this post. 

Introductory paragraph 

  • Include a “hook', information that is supposed to grab attention of readers (interesting or unusual fact, statistics etc.). 
  • Provide a background of the issue so the readers know what is needed to be argued (historical development of the studied topic). 
  • Write a thesis statement which shows your position regarding the issue (this element convinces the reader that you have no doubt about your position). 

Body of paper 

  • First paragraph: describe one of evidences used to prove your point. 
  • Second paragraph: describe second evidence used to prove your point. 
  • In the body you provide reliable evidence to support your ideas. 

Opposing view 

  • Include counterarguments of your opponents and refute them (this is not a mandatory element, but great persuasive essay should include it. Otherwise you will be arguing with no opponents, this may look unprofessional to your professor). 


Restate your thesis statement and your main points; shortly describe what you used to support your own evidence (describe the most important evidence; encourage your audience to generate their own opinion and make them think seriously about the issue).

Outline pf persuasive paper might use more than two paragraphs of the body depending on the assignment from the professor. Be sure to ask for all necessary information and create your outline based on recommendations of your professor or tutor. Also you should not assume that the reader is familiar with the issue so provide definitions for specific terms. In the end, do not forget to check your essay for mistakes like complex sentence structures, grammar and punctuation errors. Do not forget about details. They are the most important part of successful paper. Grammar mistakes can play a low-dawn trick with you. Your paper could be absolutely amazing form the point of content adequacy but if you do grammar mistakes or forget about academic formats required for the paper you will not get the highest grade.