Personal Essay Ideas

Personal Essay Ideas

Personal life experience is the focus of any personal narrative essay. There are many times when you need to write this paper. If you struggle with finding a good topic for your story, see these examples of ideas and use them for inspiration. 

Remember, you just need to recall some moment from your life that was special and describe it in your work. 

The List of Personal Essay Ideas: 

  • My special place 
  • People I try to avoid 
  • Why I think money matters 
  • Failure you had prior in your life 
  • If I was a president 
  • Disappointment in friend 
  • Surprise 
  • Words that can hurt 
  • If I lived 200 years ago 
  • How you could change life of somebody 
  • What I could invent 
  • The greatest movie I’ve ever seen 
  • The parent I want to be 
  • The country I want to live in 
  • The place you want to visit 
  • What would you teach your dog 
  • The love I kept in secret 
  • The meaning of life 
  • My best present 
  • The greatest discovery ever 
  • Why I should go into space 
  • The longest moment I’ve ever had 
  • A right choice I’ve made 
  • The most unexplained thing I’ve ever seen 
  • The moment that changed you 
  • The best time I had with my family 
  • What I like to give to my friends 
  • The friend I never had 
  • When you need a hug 
  • The thing I can’t resist 
  • My best day 
  • The moment I felt proud 
  • Why we all should be nice 
  • The reasons people trust me 
  • A museum I would like to visit someday 

Here, we tried to gather for you topics that might be interesting and helpful. We hope you will read it attentively and choose one of listed ones. However, tastes are different. We know that this list is too short to fit everyone. Anyway, this list is good enough so that you could find a couple of minutes to read it. It is for sure that you won`t be disappointed. Any topic you choose from this list is good for writing a personal essay. The time you will spend for reading this post is minimal. The value of this post is maximum.