Personal Essay Dos and Don’ts

Personal Essay
A personal essay is a pretty interesting task considering that you have to represent yourself to the people you most likely don't know. You are about to tell about your family or personal qualities to the people who will create their opinion based on the paper. First of all, ensure that you are familiar with the topic you have chosen. 

This is going to make your writing much easier. It is a very important work because you need to show that you are an ideal candidate to be accepted into a program or college. This part of your application is essential, so let's see what should and should not be done in writing personal essays. 

Dos: Tips You Should Follow in Writing a Persona Essay 

  • Do speak about your story in a positive manner. You admission committee will most likely be turned off by negative words in your essay. 
  • Do identify your best achievements and skills. The people should know about your strengths and that you are proud of them. 
  • Do focus on the side of you that will illustrate you from your best angle. You should not describe common achievements or generalize your best aspects. For example, you can tell your readers about your success in very difficult interpreting project or how you demonstrated great management skills during your internship at a good company. Think about the example very carefully and make sure it had the influence on you that can be described. 
  • Do tell the truth in your paper. It is completely unnecessary to lie because all members of admission committee will never know who you are. You stay anonymous throughout the time of admission. Additionally, even you meet some of the members of the committee there is no way they could identify you as a student which applied to their college on that day. 
  • Do use specific advantages of the school, college or program in your essay. The committee should see that you have done your homework and understood what you want from their institutions. And on the other side, what benefits the school or college can bring to you. 
  • Do feel appropriate telling about the anxieties you have. You should not be ashamed of something that everybody has. Moreover, the members of the committee will recognize that you understand your anxieties and deal with them. 

Don’ts: Things to Avoid 

  • Don’t state the same information about you more than one time. The committee will see it, and they might think that you don't have anything new to say so repeat things over and over. 
  • Don’t write about generalized topics like the importance of peace in the world. The first and most important knowledge admission officers want to obtain is about you and your personality. 
  • Don’t include clichés in your personal essay. 
  • Don’t try to impress the readers with too much of intellectual or scientific approach. Express your opinion about others carefully and don’t try to be too opinionated. 
  • Don’t use too childish topics. Show how much you have grown and how your understanding of the world has changed.