Personal Essay as the First Step to Successful College Enrollment

Personal Essay
Leaving school for college is considered to be a new stage in your life. The party is over, and it is time to treat everything more seriously than you used to. As you know, your enrollment depends on three major items: 

  • school academic results 
  • entrance examination 
  • personal paper and interview 
The way you studied at school is undoubtedly critical for enrollment. Still, the committee shows a preference for those candidates who proved their desire to study and improve at the educational establishment. We are trying to tell you that whatever situation you have, it is remediable, and you can present your advantages by successful examination passing and attract the committee with your personal paper. The personal essay is a kind of representation of yourself. It comprises of several essential parts that we are going to tell you about in the next paragraph. It must not be identified with self-advertisement as your main idea is to deserve approval, not to require it. 

Integral Parts of the Personal Paper 

Is there any plan of personal paper writing? What information to take into account? What is a format of a personal essay? These and many other questions may bother you while starting your script. You can find answers here, in this paragraph. In general, the essential information must include the following: 

  • Self-introduction 
  • Accomplishments 
  • Hobbies 
  • Intentions 

Self-introduction is a beginning of your work: here your task is to say a few words about yourself – name, surname, the reason for choosing this educational institution and so on. Accomplishments start your main body. In this paragraph, you aim to stand out by your achievements that can be represented by diplomas, certificates, awards, prizes, nominations, etc. Tell about the things that have a connection to your course. If you are going to enroll the course of Management&Marketing, do not boast of your progress at biological experiments. The next step is related to the hobbies. Here you can mention everything you are fond of: sports activities (football, swimming, dancing, box, karate, etc.), art (painting, photography, sculpturing, singing, music composition), science (various experiments and investigations), charity, etc. Your intentions should include your plans for the nearest future. It describes you as a mature person who already decided what he is: what profession to have, what to achieve, what to design and so on. Also, it implies the contributions you can make to the college you intend to enroll. End your paper with a strong emphasis on the desire to become a part of the institution and express your gratefulness for the given opportunity. 

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What We Can Advise You? 

If you decided to write a work yourself, the first thing we would like to advise you is to plan your work. It is better to distribute your work process into several stages: 

  • Thinking 
  • Preparation 
  • Writing 
  • Check 
The first stage implies thinking over what you are going to write in your personal work: how to stand out, how to become close to the audience, how to decorate yourself but avoid advertising and so on. After that come to the preparation: write an outline of your paper dividing it into the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Fill the constituents with the critical information and develop it during the writing stage. The last step, the check up, should be carried out by somebody among your friends and relatives who will find more mistakes in the work than you can. During writing, do not resort to the plagiarism. Firstly, it can be easily detected and secondly – it will not reflect your personality, and if you are lucky to be invited for the interview, the committee will reveal the lack of correspondence between the work and a real person. Also, try not to worry too much: we realize that it is a rather important event in your life, still the nerves never improve the situation. 

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