Outline for This I Believe Essay

Outline for This I Believe Essay

This I Believe essay uses pretty common structure. It includes introduction, body and conclusion. The post explains the outline for this kind of essay and describes what should be included in each part. 

I. Introductory paragraph 

A. A “hook' that captures attention of readers 
B. Statement of your belief 

II. Paragraph about personal experience or event 

In this part you should describe the experience that caused you to shape you belief. The part should use as much vivid details as possible. It is also recommended to use figurative language in this paragraph. Deliver a description of the story that will be interesting and easy to understand for your reader. 

Bad example: The Sunday was terrible for me. 

Good example: The news about my grandfather made me feeling sick and terrified. 

Things to describe: 
  1. The event that happened. 
  2. The main characters involved in the story. 
  3. The time when the event happened. 
  4. The place where the event happened. 
  5. The reasons why the event happened. 

III. Paragraph that describes influence of the author. 

The paragraph should include information how the event affected your personal beliefs and what you as a person learned from the experience. 

  1. What thoughts you had after the event that made you realize the importance of it. 
  2. Information about how your personal beliefs have changed. 
  3. Can your experience and the lesson you learned be applied to future situations? 

IV. Conclusion about the experience or event. 

  1. Tell your belief that you wanted to share with others. 
  2. Include explanation why your paper is important and what might be learned from your experience.